ET United LAN Photo's

image: 8P84yzE

Hi guys,

If you took any pictures during the LAN feel free to upload them and send them to us so we can make an album of it.

Make sure you .zip the files, upload them here and send the URL to me.
pics or it did not happen
I uploaded the pics via the link, will post here some more pics I didn't share yet:

It was an honor to meet the most beautiful man and woman from the LAN Norway w3st & Norway shiim. Fun people with the best sense of humor.

image: LirQLzf

Got to know LAN veteran Belgium Dirtyharry. Very kind person who I hope to see in the future more often.

image: KUELw69

Fittest boy of LAN Switzerland Aq was also present:

image: YOTN2LS
Was a pleasure to meet u too lad, was great comming back to et and we both had a good time,. I only look good besides her anyway haha ;) ger Ur finger out and get another lan in the making woop woop game on.
Aww. That's very nice said of you sebhes, you seem like a really nice guy yourself! <3 Was very nice to meet you Sebhes, you did a great effort with this lan. Thank you very much! Look forward to meet you next time hopefully! :)))
really nice to see dirtyharry still around. greetings:)
Can't wait for miNd's photos, gonna be good.

image: kappa
videos i recieved from outlaw of visual/'xD partying
hahaha this Netherlands GiZmOoO
Oh hahaha, I like this very muchzzz!
:DDDD explains a lot.
Holy shit didn't see anyone filming :D i got one too though:
Shiim what a shame u were not there on friday ;-)

and w3st ^^
Shiim was there on Friday. and w3st
Hehe, Yeh we arrived at lan about 17ish on Friday :D
Woooot, i had to go at 15 o'clock. Well i think i was feared by w3st :-*
Anyway, i hope you both had a lot of fun there. ^^
Hehe, that's a shame. Would of been fun to see you too :) Yeh, we had a great time thank you. Was awsome to meet so many nice people :))
My photos shouldn't go outside my phone, right NetherlandsvANQ? :D
harry best man
he's amazing :D
Best photo is this
image: 12244368_10207875330023710_334072899310177888_o

need pic of swani and his better half :)))
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