Need a new mousepad


As the title suggests, I am in need of a new mousepad.
Preferably one that fits into my 15 inch laptop bag.
Am used to cloth mousepad. (have had everglide titan for far too long)
Puretrak Talent /thread
this or qck+ / qck heavy, also it might be worth trying the zowie ones since I don't remember anyone ever complaining about zowie :D
Zowie GS-R
Puretrak talent
Artisan Hayate (gonna get it asap :s)
Puretrak stop works with some mouses after a while (zowie atleast)
i guess it gets to shinyyy on the surface
I got the puretrak talent white version, no issues here
Try washing it, really helps
qck+ is cheap and u can buy a new one now and then
but what do you use for gamingclothes?
since my rental appartment has the weirdest heat system ever, i mostly wear whatever is most comfy.
Varies from me being naked to wearing jerseys.

To more specifically answer your journal how I game - I have got next to me a bottle of water and snus.
thx bro! , post in it right journal!
what snus brand :D?
not much of an option here in .ee since it's illegal and the government and tax office continue to put a lot of pressure on the subject.

so basically most available here is Thunder frosted.
Yes, I could order online for something better, but ive gotten so used to this already :D.
And ordering online, maximum what I could get is like 10 packs, otherwise the tax office just might confiscate it.
Well we cant cant order snus to finland so we have to go on a cruise to buy some or go to habaranda and buy. u can bring 30 cans of snus that weigh 50 grams. And general is the stuff!
10 is max here in ee, the rest can and will be taken away if noticed.
But yeah, I kind of liked something from general, dont remember which one tho.
I usually experiment with different ones whenever I go to sweden or take a cruise
in my opinion General extra strong portion is the best there is. It has that tobacco flavor in it that makes it good. Dont like white portion that much. theres also general onyx which is good but a bit more expensive.
Getting my Artisan Hien delivered this week :D
Which color and hardness did you get? I am still using my soon-to-be 1 year old Mid Wine Red but I have a new Mid Navy Blue ready in my closet :) I was trying to get Mid Wine Red again but it hasn't been available for few months already, I guess they are not making that one anymore...
Me and my rl friends all ordered Artisan Hien VE Soft Wine Red large pads via like a 5e discount and cheaper shipping). This was ~2 weeks ago
Roccat ofc myself and shiim uses this pad so it's awesome, I sore some dude called maus with one also, whoever he is...
Great to have you back hahaha
Got Steelseries QCK+
Very happy with my Puretrak Talent. If it gets sluggish and/or dirty you can just wash it in your washing machine and it's good as new!
Bought Zowie GS-R like 3 days ago. Much better than QCK imo, awesome mousepad. Strongly recommended
Recommended by jebane low. Worth it.
If you want the same sort of feeling as titan, just get one of those cheaper clothpads like qck (preferably heavy).
All of those will be way faster than titan at start, but that cant be helped. My personal preference is worn out slow cloth, so something like 6months - 2 year old QCK is the sweet spot. If you prefer fast glide then theres way better options, that dont slow down as fast. Personally using a fast gliding mousepad completely ruins my aim, after gaming years and years on slow cloth.
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