Fragmovie music quiz #2

10 FinlandTiigeri Another Tigger behind the Trigger gg winnerman here win win
1. This is ET by Kamz

Dunno about any others without listening to them
3 winghaven ootw3
5 bull got milked
6 rick and roll
7 twk
8 nou way?
9 xylos
12 daf zorn
13 maus
15 lunatic

whats 11??
12 song the best :D
13. mAus the movie
15. #2
1. This is ET
2. Fragarea 1 / ght Born to kill
3. Winghaven out of the way 3 - Renaissance
4. Brothers in Arms (mesq & lio)
5. BuLL got M1lked / mAx Chapter 3
6. Pick'n'Roll
7. TWK Unmasks
8. I will Rock it!
9. XyLoS The Movie
10. Another Tigger behind the Trigger / One Thousand and One Loads
11. The Aggression (hyhy)
12. Who cares by dAF & Zorn (?)
13. mAus The Movie
14. ???
15. Lun4t1C - Primal Instinct
beastmode as usual

Also hayaati the movie for #15
Forgot about this. :D As an additional challenge I was also searching less "mainstream" fragmovies. :P Completely forgot about White Man Can't Panzer. :I
Do you have the Hayaati in HD somewhere ?D:
There's this hd youtube link:

I can't find the source for hayaati, i'm pretty sure requem might have it for you if you ask him :) he has a large fragmovie database
Actually original movie doesn't differ too much from YT version in terms of quality. :P (no sarcasm I did comparison)
Lold at this journal.
wat the fuck :D
Out of the list i could instantly say 7 for twk :D
i logged in just to play and then i saw requem's comment :P

The 8th is also the music a of a small clip made by or for FranceGarvo in 2006 or so but i can't remember really well and i doubt it is on youtube anyway
Next time will try hold myself for a little longer. :P
So this journal seems appropriate to a question I have:

What can the practical legal consequences be of using copyrighted music/clips/material in a fragmovie?
And then I am also asking about the fragmovies that does generate profit or involve exchange of money.
not much actually. Fragmovies are usually too small to do anything with. The only platform i know where you can get some buck for your fragmovie would be youtube, but you can get approx 0,001 usd for a viewer.

If a producer of music finds out you use music they either completely mute the track (which sucks), restrict the audio for certain countries (hello germany) or completely take over monitizing the video. I don't monetize any of my videos yet myself but this should give you a bit of an idea what that message looks like:

image: b6e32f13ef

note the: "If you agree with these conditions you don't have to do anything. If you don't agree, well fuck you who cares?" :D
Okay thanks. :)
How about the few who makes/made alot of bananas from CS/CoD/LoL/DotA2 movie making (mostly amateur contracts to start of with) and later was opportune to do similar as a profession?
Frags and movement skill by eRs
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