dishonored 2

anyone waiting for this hopefully-to-be another master piece game coming out? been waiting since they announced it 8(

Still pretty confused should I buy it for PS4 once it comes out, or actually upgrade my PC and play it on PC. Needless to say FPS games are much more enjoyable on PC than with silly controller

nice to see cf community appreciates good games
And underestimates crappy games like dishonored
dishonored very good game
nah looks horrible for me
Explain yourself!
just dont like any singleplayer game :D thats it

for some reason i just like multiplayer games dont know why tho, gettin bored after few hours when im plaiyn a singleplayer game
try something good once a while
Loved DH1, definitely going to play this
Love the freedom of choosing all the time in an action FPS game :) Being a god damn motherfuckerbadass killing everyone kills the mood on the game honestly, and on many other titles as well
Wasn't until I decided to play the game again and this time only sneak and do non lethal takedowns that I found out this had a totally different outcome on the game. To me it's one of the most enjoyable games I've ever played, and that is a very short list.
yeah same for me, at first playthrough i focused not to be seen, but didnt really care if got caught, then just murdered all. on the second playthrough didnt kill anyone except some of the main targets

the DLCs are freaking hard with the biggest difficult / skill level -_- ended up playing those 2 dlcs on high chaos :D
Wait what? There are DLC's in DH1? :O
yeah, brigmore witches and the knife of dunwall.. check steam :p
Yay. Such an impressive world and lore those devs have build around Dunwall in DH.
One of the best level designs for an singleplayer FP(S) game.

I played DH1 once. Tried not to kill a single motherfucker. So had the low chaos ending. Definitely expecting at least decent entertainment from DH2 since the majority of devs are the same.
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