6v6 prac/offi today 21:30 cet

anyone? baguetes? :)
yo ban this person too, he cant be saying mean stuff to frenchies like baguettes if i cant call all polish dirty toilet cleaners
shut up fat hamerican slut. u are dirtier than toilet in arabia and dumber than shoe. you do not deserve to live rat
If not Poland Your funny country would not exist u cant do anything alone because you are fools with no history
peace boyz
Kinda funny, but a fact:

Since 2014 Belgium expercienced alot of immigration from East-Europe.
Alot of Polands/Polaks came to Belgium.

Now a days, they particulary work in two sectors:
1) Construction
2) Cleaning-sector

E: I guess you are right (for Belgium)
ohyourcool please ban this racist ignorant hitler worshipping fuck
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