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Hey guys,

so this week I'll have to RMA my graphics card (Gigabyte GTX960 Windforce 2X 4GB OC) because it started underperforming 1 month after I got it in most of the games I play and I couldn't get any idea why my FPS dropped in most games (especially noticable in CS:GO, from ~250-300 with only 1 core of CPU enabled to 100-150 with multiple CPU cores enabled within game settings | or Witcher 3 when even if I get ~50 fps my animations are still freezing, can't really explain it well, they just "shutter" or "skip some frames", they lack the "flow").

Anyway it is actually good thing for me since I got tax return/refund/whatever you call it in english coming up soon and I wasn't really satisfied with the performance of the card. I was aiming for 1080p 60fps but was little low on the budget to afford 970. Even with the tax refund I still can't quite afford it even if I get my money returned for my 960.
So I was wondering if there is any other graphic card you would recommend that could handle (or come close to it) most of the games (Witcher 3, The Division, GTA V) in stable 1080p/60fps on high or ultra settings? Something in the price range inbetween of 960 and 970.

I hope you guys will be able to help a brother out.
You bought two 960s and couldn't afford a 970? what
I thought the same thing..
Where did he state that he bought two 960s? the 2X is referred to the fans
exactly :)
You made me giggle :)
M8 loan some money or sumting man ask ur nan
can't borrow money from pops if already living of the alimony money, lifes touf m8
stop playing computer games for a while > get education > find a nice job > get a nice house > now ur set and u can play computer games and chill in freetime > Winner of life bru. ;)
I have the same graphics card from MSI and no problems playing CSGO with 250-300 fps on multicore
I have problems playing CS:GO with 250-300 fps cause the game is not very good.
Buy 290/290X/390/390X faster on high resolutions than a 970 anyway. If you the time wait for the new generation on 14nm or 16nm because these new cards will be atleast 50% faster.
nvidia is obvious answer, but if you have time just watch this:
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