Need help from Swedes


Could you (swedes or non-swedes) help me figure out who is the legal person in charge of the port of stockholm and also their registry number of that legal person

Are there different legal persons for different port terminals? If so, then Im interested in the Värtahamnen terminal.

Thanks in advance!
it's me
Stockholmshamnar Värtahamn
Information and Questions:
Maria Westman
Phone: +468-670 26 93
E-mail: maria.westman​ AT

Stockholmshamnar Värtahamn
Project Manager:
Per Ling-Vannerus
Phone: +468-670 26 96
E-mail: per.ling-vannerus​ AT

Stockholmshamnar General
Head of Law:
Gun Rudeberg
Phone: +468-670 26 35
E-mail: gun.rudeberg​ AT
and could you tell me the company/organization behind it?
Is it something like The Ports of Stockholm Group or Stockholms Hamn AB or whatever that is?
Do you also use like registry numbers there in sverige for companies/organizations?
Stockholms Hamn AB independant municipal contractor and subsidiary to Stockholms Stadshus AB.
Stockholms Stadshus AB Org. Nr.: 556415-1727
Stockholms Hamn AB Org. Nr.: 556008-1647
thanks, much appreciated!
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