Lets talk about Media center solution.


Lets talk about media center solutions.

What do you guys use? Maybe you just plug in your laptop through HDMI to tv when watching movies / pictures? Or maybe a HTPC for gaming and movies?
Or do you have a NAS with vpn to reach where ever you are? with a raspberry pi and kodi?

Anyway, I thinking about to fix a NAS server now for my media with raid ofc. I will be able to reach it with VPN and start downloading my torrents to the NAS.

And a Raspberry pi 3 with kodi (xbmc) to watch blurays and 3d movies on the tv with passthrough dts, dts hd, etc etc.

Hows your setup & why ?


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Chromecast, cheap and easy ;)
toshiba satellite c855d with a vga cable going to an insignia 26" tv, sound hooked up to creative 2.1 desktop speakers. i run kodi with tvaddons, genesis to be specific, will probably change to exodus once the develop some kind of favorites list. i have the desktop extended to the tv, but stacked instead of side by side, and kodi is set to display in full screen on the tv when opened. so i stream all my tv and movies (in hd) whilst surfing on the same machine. all on a 4yr old laptop that costed $299 new
I usually just put a finger inside my ass and press play using the mouse and a program called bs player
Thought about it from time to time, but I always end up watching shit on my PC anyway (don't have a TV).

Nothing like new age hipsterness, I just watched enough TV for a lifetime during one of my previous relationships. :XD
still watching TV in 2016 ? wtf
I mostly just watch stuff from my PC, although sometimes if I wanna sit on the couch I'll plug the TV into a laptop.
dual monitors with Netflix/TV on one and internet/videogaming on the other
I have TV which Im using only to watch movies, PC is connected through HDMI.
Just downloaded a pack of Band of Brothers in 1080p (72GB rotfl) and I feel like my TV is not good enough for such quality, so Im thinking about buying a new one.
Also I bought new PC recently (i5-4690, gtx 970 n stuff), but actually havent updated my old monitor (its samsung syncmaster 2232, like 6 or 7 years old) and im having issues like flashing horizontal lines while gaming on ultra, which is very annoying. Any thoughts about some good ultrahd (or even 4k) monitor? ofc more cheaper is better, im polish ffs
htpc/media server running XBMC. Can be done for super cheap really, throw it in a silverstone case, get some ~200eur hardware. Done. All you'll need is storage, which really depends entirely on you.

No need for anything fancy either, use your phone as a remote because everything else is garbage anyway, hook it up to your TV or AV/R or whatever else you use and you can connect to it freely using your laptop/pc if you ever want to watch shit on that instead.

Easiest, cheapest, by far the most "modifiable" setup you can get. It'll do everything and more than any of those shitty little gizmos and NAS's and whatnots can.
I have the latest Amazon Fire TV in the living room, running Kodi 15.2 Isengard with an awesome build on it called Kobra H24, I also have a Zgemma-Star H1 with a 12 month 'gift' that's saved me £70.00 per month on my Sky bill :)
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