I'm gonna die tonight

I will die today (can't explain, too long story). I just wanted to say that I had so much fun being part of ET-community. I won't list any names because I will forget someone. Much love, thank you everyone! :)
dont die
You too thanks for everything. We will miss you <3
Thanks for my three favourite movies in ensample

can i get your money?
are u gonna /kill ?
I thought you died. I don't see you on gamestv anymore :(
lol rip
/bind mouse3 kill;forcetapout
Make sure u self on time so u wont get full :s
2/8 never forget
I guess you are dead already. RIP
i hope u still alive
rip in peace
mitä vittua jäbä? ;_;
pls dont go sample, we love u!!
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