Spugedius new 1on1 world champion

Today FinlandSpugedius dueled Francemxt0R, the reigning World Champion in 1on1 Pro Gaming LAN finals. The game was close for 1 minute, until mxt0R grenaded Spuge. Spuge was leading 2-1, and was awarded forfeit win as per official Clanbase Rules.. mxt0R fled the country in shame and committed sudoku, as millions gathered in the crowning parade of the new world champion.

Congratz Spugedius man!
Was pretty easy tbh
haha welcome fakes :'D
to become the new 1on1 world champion he has to beat Snatix first
True !

and he has to beat me too haha
nades aren't illegal in 1on1 though
as per official Clanbase Rules. :DD
CB and ESL both allowed it 8)
official 1v1 lan final rules....
Quoteas per official Clanbase Rules
They suck both gg
Spugedius is undefeated in 1v1... ur not
The memories

image: rs77dl
So I have to conclude that spugedius is low+?

you have to conclude nothing as he didnt win anything :'D
& what exactly do these 1v1s prove? I'm all for 1v1s myself, as it's a great way to warm-up for some 5v5 or 6v6.

I just don't see it being hard, unless the guy is aimbotting. There's no rifle nades waiting for you, there's no panzer, there's no 3-4 guys rushing your one clip, there's no obj to cover or protect, there's no cp/flag to grab.

To me, all it is. Is who can position themselves better(for hs, and coverage) & camping the shit out of the "1" guy you know is coming for you. Obviously camping isn't my thing at all, but if you know you have "1" guy to deal with, just camp/position his ass. Rather easy.

I'm in no way bashing this, I just want to understand the reasoning behind 1v1s, unless it's for warming up. You can be the best 1v1er, but what does that mean in a actual 6v6 where tw matters more then your shots.
Exactly u are noone in Rtcw
Typical responses from typical online forum dwelling nerds who probably still live with their parents at the age of 30.

I asked what the point of 1v1s are. My responses "you're no one" & "Congrats you're the worst rtcw player"

H2o also goes to other forums im on, and posts for the first time with the same quote "worst rtcw player" Quite the life he has, if he has spare time to do that.

No wonder I never post here, or acknowledge this site in anyway, bunch of fucking kids around here.
xTragic, just ignore them both. I don't know if they are trying to be funny and troll or just didn't comprehend your point.
Keep on posting.
Just some newschoolers bashing, ignore them.
And who are you?
Congratulations for being the very first player who is the worst in every game mode/format in rtcw.
1v1 is quite nice
depends on whos playing 1v1 and what map, but mostly 50% luck 50% skill
u can be a horrible 1on1 player but a 6on6 god and the otherway around :D

ur question is wierd, there can be multiple reasons and at the same time, no reasons :D

1v1 is the same as 6on6 just with -10 players Kappa
Ahhaha mxtor 1on1 king xddd omg
dont worry he never won, just some trolls :D
Waaaa tu déçois frero perdre face à Spugedius ptdrrrrrrrrr ;)
le jour ou ce mec me battra... :'D
Is he going to play against footality at wolfensteincon?
as friend of spuge i heard he is gonna play vs Raziel
All bad :s
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