Paris 16.06


me and a friend of mine are going to paris (16.06) for the football match poland vs germany
my questions now are:
one of u know any cheat(p) hotel/hostel/room for one night to sleep ? our train back is 17.06. early in the morning but 4h sleep wouldnt be bad at all

maybe one of u going to this match too so we can meet ?

thats all thanks for u attention

have a nice day
Look for Formule 1/ Hotêl F1 motherfucker and give France a bit of your 3rd world country money
hope the proce there is adequate to a 3rd world country visitor thx
Worst place to stay tbh :D
cheap or quality you choose
a z czystej ciekawosci zapytam komu bedziesz kibicowac XD
w sumie to mi to jest obojetne kto wygra :) sa tylko 3 druzyny w pilce ktorych nie lubie

1. Italy
2. Germany
3. England

ale tez w sumie nikomu nie kibicuje byle by te 3 nie wygrywaly :)

choc sentyment do polski jakis tam jest ale watpie by zagrali jakos wyjatkowo -- te czasy sie skonczyly w latach 80
samraj ogarnij na ja tam ogarnialem spanie pod mecz Polski z Ukraina :)
ooo dzieki fajna stronka pewnie cos tam znajdziemy
Might as well just stay awake and save your money.
thats the plan untill now but who knows we start our trip at 05:00 in the morning
Sleep in the train on your way to Paris. Problem solved.
sleep is for the weak
mephedrone kings
Check airbnb :)
yeah i saw its nice thx
airbnb is pretty good but I guess there are cheaper ones :P
A little bit of irony, meanwhile I was watching the same match in Warsaw ^^
i hope u liked Warsaw :)
It was a good trip !
Life is quite cheap compared to Belgium. Eating in a restaurant is sometimes cheaper than going to a fastfood in Belgium, we clearly enjoyed our stay !
I didn't like the old town(even though it is beautiful), too much tourists, too much guys trying to catch us in their shop/restaurant
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