TODAY: 3on3 ODC #2 by stRay

Cup link:
Cup date: 10.10.2016
Cup starting time: 20.30 (CET)
Cup format: 3on3
Cup channel: #YermanZ @Quakenet


- adlernest
- Erdenberg_t1
- et_ice
- frostbite
- sp_delivery_te
- supply
- sw_goldrush_te

Cup information:

Signups till 20:29 (CET)
Check-in start from 20:00 till 20:29 (CET)

Round schedule:

Round 1: Supply
Round 2*: Sp_Delivery_Te + losers choice
Semifinal: Sw_Goldrush_TE + losers choice
Final: Both teams pick a map from the mappool

*if there are enough teams registered for the tournament


Every Game has to be requested on GamesTV. If you need help requesting your games pm stray.

In case theres an Elimination to decide the 3rd map the loser of cointoss starts the elimination. In this case the winner has the the last pick between the last two maps.

The cup might be hosted with a double elimination bracket. This means there might be some more games. We gonna decide this together with the team captains.

Sign up link:
Rules: known rules from the known tournaments (e.g. cybergamer) - if there's a problem or something unclear just pm stRay