na-mix needs 6th

United States of America na-mix is in need of a skilled 5th and 6th for CG EU ET Season 4. We'll play every Sunday, most likely a warmup then our cup game. You should be available for almost all of these games and be reliable throughout the whole season (meaning tell me if you won't make it and don't make a habit of it).

Canada Tomun
Canada CrimZoN
Belgium siL
Belgium PlAyer
Finland toNi
United States of America / Europe aggressive medic or engi smg

France Snatix

Message me here or on irc. I won't bother responding to comments since they're usually trolls, so if you're serious, put in the effort and hit the PM button.
could you suggest a 5th as well?
what happened with gnome?
he's getting tired of ET again
His vagina got cramped
Foreigner the captain we need, good luck
q here no irc
Best team ever on supply first stage. Best of luck buddiezzz
*all of supply offense, just didn't get to prove it :(
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