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whats up guys?

im just gonna start typing a little elegy for ET.. hopefully it will be born again in some form or another :)

lately I've been nostalgic over the good times playing ET with friends, competing against foes and chilling out on ventrilo with your m8s, no worries about the future just loving the moment. I didn't appreciate it then, but those were some good times.. this game was special, it's given me a lot, hard to belive i started in 2003 when i was 10-11 years old. just realized my account is 12yrs old.. the game has been a part of half of my life, that's so insane to me. even though I haven't played in years whenever I happen to play a quake3 engine game, cpma or ET whatever, it's like riding a bicycle.

I start right where I left off. the movement, the little quirks of the engine,maximizing speed and distance traveled through miniscule adjustments of the mouse / timing of keys, the mindgames and docruns.. it's all ingrained into my mind... they don't make games like that these days anymore.. you think the 10 year olds growing up now are gonna play a videogame for 10 years? i don't know but i doubt it, there's rarely this much depth in anything these days. we had something special with ET and the community in 2003-2010

here is the last movie i finished over the summer of 2009. that's 7 years ago, wow. I was ~17, in a state of anxiety and depression, in and out of hospitals with severe physical symptoms and no diagnosis. it built character for sure, years later I realized these physical ailments were all psychosomatic, caused by my falling out with my first true love and the decisions i made regarding betraying my best friend. the amount of mental anguish surrounding the circumstances still wows me today. what an amazing experience! when I started feeling slightly better, i finished this video up. anyways this made me realize what is meant under duality. so what i'm saying is.. if you have any troubles in your life currently, bills to pay or your day sucks cuz someone just flamed you on crossfire etc.. just remember you could probably map out the good and bad times in your life on a sine wave.. and the wave continues on.

thanks for everything

Give me your ingame cfg

damn i miss the old days with azatej being godmode
Got it on my HDD if you want ?
Aza was retired for years before u started playing AFAIK XD
1) That isn't true
2) Keep your autism elsewhere thanks
Wow such attitude from who again
Nice to see u m8 u brought some feels to my saturday morning
Quoteyour day sucks cuz someone just flamed you on crossfire

It actually brightens my day xD
:D have a nice day bro
Tapa ühte koera palju jaksad, keegi ikka hiilib selja tagant läbi. :(
I miss this game.
hey man how you been?
comeback for next lan & lets make team!
Downloading now lul
delayed reply eh? :D
just logged in finally, nice to see you still around aswell :p
ja had also loooong break. but look community still there. some at least =)
Yes, ET was awesome. Had some great online and offline moments with awesome people. Even stopped seeing an real life friend for a while because he was a LAN dodger (twinzzy).
Did you guys hook up again afterwards though?
Late reply, but yes we hooked up agan afterwards. Mainly because we had many friends in common.
But for some time I felt really backstabbed since I already paid his entrance fee and he never paid it back, luckily finding a replacement for the LAN wasn't that hard.
Enjoyed this post :)
Quoteor your day sucks cuz someone just flamed you on crossfire etc..

I can't get past it mate, my daily days are ruined cause of this :-(
Good post, and awesome video! Can we hope to see an ultimate ET movie someday?
oh nice! i will watch them later tonight :) how are you?
All good. Very busy. Too busy to still get involved with anything here! :P
Hiya nice post welcome back on crossfire!
Quoteyour day sucks cuz someone just flamed you on crossfire etc

image: rVhGc4F
shit, I miss that game, those days and (god forgive me) even this community :(
Community wasn't that bad considering the CS and LoL ones (even if I never played LoL).
Nice to see this. Altough I belive I would have fun in a similar game too with a decent team with fun players.

LoL is an exception. LoL is cancer :) :) :)
And sorry for the double comment but I waited years for this great opportunity.

sw_goldrush is the best map ever. Gn
Let's revive this community and play all FIFA
Site traffic has gone down since you stopped creating "girls" journals ;} I think Tosspot mentioned that in a post once (crossfire stats and Razzah journals).
I killed crossfire :o
yes good times and friends made that been playing with close to 10 years, have had drinks irl and still in contacts and sometimes even play with the same fucking group! i think stuff like that doesnt happen with games anymore but could be wrong though, really nice =))
never met such online community again. great game and um just playing it since 3 month again. nerding around. met some old mates again. always nice to follow real life of some
only game that is really addictive, but for sure its not only game, the ppl around made it alive.
I miss sw_goldrush_te with hunter & Estaloth ;__;
The best game ever.
Hoi fredd, Elegie is one of my favorite ET videos, if not my fave :)
Best game, needs individual skill and teamplay.

Lets hope for a RTCW 2 ( :D )
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