TSB vs Oxid (WuT's fail)

Or was it?

After spending several hours reviewing WuT's epic fail, I have deemed it not a fail on WuT's behalf but a fail of rather ET itself.

Please have a look at the following images that were generated by some of the most qualified individuals on team #rektem.

The epic fail.

image: BnCcR66

However, when we zoom in, enhance, and re-study the image, a new discovery is made causing an evidentiary detail in a photograph to become clearer.

image: EAUtyIC

The foot was clearly touching the objective and should have been returned.

I demand a replay of Germanyoxid vs PolandTSB

and I also suggest you lawyer up PolandWuT
gutes leben
Cu lan
Slow day at work today m8?
Thanks for uploading those images mate.
Thanks for everything mate.
this shot is taken when he was just dead already. So then you can't reclaim the docs anymore
but you can cap a flag when dead :{
It is different with docs tho, same about rtcw. Your dead, not gibbed body can capture flag but it will not capture docs.
have you seen all new episodes?
Is that how I make you feel? :x
Console got always right :*
Next time WuT prone as HBCpassat and obj will be returned.
https://youtu.be/jhSqZSSAFEA xD
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