my phone :(

i realise it now, why it is so sad, i was searching on the internet how my future phone will look like... and i found that my phone is virgin :(,0.jpg :( omg somebody should stick an usb cable into it :D
Is that a reason to make another journal?
y, i need conversation!
yeah Virgin comes near ACME
omfg theone just come to IRC if you want to talk ;< sexy biatch1!!
uhly girlphone

attention whore

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my phone :(
censorship :(
me, owning, not at et :(
I think i'm in love!
Nade timing Sound ?

Don't forget to take it out your pocket when you do a 360
image: icon_nokia_narrowweb__300x392,0

doesnt looks that bad
ga het ff ontmaagden zal het mobieltje wel leuk vinden
nah lijkt me niet zo fijn ... bij een chick is t beter imo
buy an E900
Those buttons on the left almost look like an IQ-Test... what bnutton cams next?

>|| ||> >|< >|| ?
What du fack u want to tell ?
wait for the iPhone to arrive in the US and ship it over ;)
That's what I'm gonna do :)
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