Hey crossfire m8s!

I will soon travel to Tokyo for 4 weeks and I just want to ask if some of you good old homies were already there or maybe we have some japanese users around who can give me some last advises/tips/need to knows and so on...

share your experiences..thanks in advance and have a goood sunny sunday!
Are you legit going to stay in only Tokyo for 4 weeks? I heavily suggest visiting Kyoto and Nara(Nara is fine as a 1-day-trip if you are in Kyoto otherwise for example) as well.

I went to Tokyo->Kyoto->Nara ->Osaka last year over 10 days(not including travel time). Was packed a bit too tight, so I think ~15 days wouldve been perfect for it probably.

But the biggest suggestion that I have is: go to Karaoke with some locals if at all possible! It made me wish that Europe had Karaoke places instead of nightclubs (in Japan they actually treat them as such in the sense that they go out around midnight and do it till early in the morning)
well for sure not 4 weeks tokyo only ;D we will do a roundtrip and visit for example: Kamakura, Kyoto, Himeji, Hiroshima, Kobe and Nagasaki
oh my, kinda jealous :D
Oh hell, like a dream come true for me. Dont have any advice but have a nice time!
Visit Fukuschima /Nagasaki / Hiroshima some nice Glowing there
idk but heard japanise bitches like to hoe around white men
Tell them u are professional football player, works everytime :D
If you are gonna do a roundtrip around Japan using the high speed train (Shinkansen) you should look into getting a Japan Rail Pass. Google it to find out about the requirements etc. It will probably save you money on travelling around with the trains.

I also recommend looking around places like and and and really consider what you want to be doing before you leave.

A lot of people don't speak English at all and even though they will try they probably won't understand much of what you are saying so it is also a good idea to invest in some internet/portable WiFi to have GPS possibilities on you at all times. Unless you are very confident in your Japanese language skills (I assume you aren't) for 2800/4000 yen (about 20/28 euros) you can pick up a 1/2GB internet SIM at a lot of places. See

If you are travelling to Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto etc. I would recommend you visit Nara as a side trip from Osaka. To be honest Osaka is quite underwhelming in my opinion compared to what you can do around Osaka. Kyoto however is great and I would recommend you take at least 4 days to be able to see all the major attractions as the city is massive and there's good stuff literally everywhere. Also check out Miyajima as a side trip from Hiroshima (Hiroshima really doesn't have much to do for more than one day) where you can stay in a hostel overnight. In general also use AIRBNB to book places to sleep as they are often cheaper and more convenient than hotels (as long as you can guarantee to not leave the place like an absolute mess as they will charge you extra cleaning up fees). If you are travelling with friends and haven't used it before you can recruit each other to get €20 off on your first bookings if you're lucky.

If you want to visit the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka (Tokyo) then you really NEED TO book tickets in advance. You will NOT BE ABLE TO buy tickets at the door as they will all be sold out 100% unless somehow the person you are going with is living in Mitaka and manages to buy the tickets there (which I highly doubt lol).

When you're out clubbing in Tokyo never follow the Nigerian guys unless you like all your money being stolen and your credit card getting rekt. Basically don't talk to any touts lol. Keep your wits about you as it is still a major city with people preying on you.
didnt notice ask perfo meme
thanks ;) already got the railpass !;)
Try japanese noodle soup with sticks..
don't be shy, visit an onsen ;}
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