144hz going nutz


I have a 144hz for few months now. Each time I start a game, my screen goes black for 3 seconds and when I quit the game it's exactly the same. It's not a BIG problem but it's very annoying and my gaming experience is totally ruined because of this. I gotta wait 3 seconds each time I alt+tab too.

Someone here knows how to fix this?

image: CnYiWpvVMAAwPy4

Hope you guys are doing well :*

I don't know if your screen and/or your video card has more than 1 display port in/output? You might want to try a different port then, see if that works. If so, then there's something wrong with the ports. If not, maybe try a new cable? Might be that you are using an older cable or maybe a lower quality or it got damaged somehow.

If all that fails - try uninstalling your graphics card drivers and do a clean install with them
will try ty :)
Play on 60hz, pure hipster style
Actually hipster would be 80/100 or what ever those crt used
Its all about osu forcing it to 60hz
nice life
Overclock your monitor.
same here think it's just trying to force 144hz, but seeing as desktop is already at 144hz there's no need

seta r_displayrefresh "0"
I have the same if I play on a different refresh rate than I have on my desktop, but if I use the same on both ET and desktop I don't have the problem. I guess that doesn't help you if you're using the same hz on both, but it might still give you something to look into.

I think toerag is right.
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