KBG LAN Team updates?

Keen to know the recent team changes (or new teams)! So far the rumour mill has the following...

England R0SS
Wales sqzz?
Italy XyLoS?
Belgium chry?
Scotland razz?

Belgium lio
Belgium mesq
Belgium vila

Has Paronix confirmed their 6th? Can they find a secret weapon to emerge as a potential dark horse? Or will they fill the spot with a misfiring drunkard that could be mistaken for a North Korean rocket scientist?

Who are k1ngs replacing chry and lio with? Or has there been a u-turn and are remaining unchanged?

image: vsE_biggz
All information in the next episode of Drunkenstein: Drama Territory.
Stay tuned.
ah, I didnt know chry joined my team as well
rumour has it he is being trained by Canada anim on the fine art of team smurfing (LAN proof version).
All hope is lost for paronix im afraid
heard that Belgium Shewie, Belgium Ganon and Belgium mAx joining Belgians
Add mAus to the ??? and you have a 6 man line-up
I'm not sure if I can be mistaken for a North Korean rocket scientist but I'm certainly a misfiring drunkard, so we have that covered.

6th -> Homiee, but stRay hasn't updated the teams on the lan post yet.
me & jalo are kings 5th & 6th (:
After k1ngs stole the mighty carry of catinahat, Finland Swanididius, they have followed the route and snatched also Finland tOMBA and Finland poksuu. Kitty kats are now left in severe agony and sadness.
nice effort
one hell of a good team
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