is it really dead ? i want to go back in time ? and be alive again, can anyone understand what i feel ?

is it really dead ? i want to go back in time ? and be alive again, can anyone understand what i feel ?

the words in raziel's IRATUS 2 echo in my mind from time to time about RTCW:ET

"some say it is evil
some say its coming from the devils own dungeon of doom
some say it will fade away
but it wont, it will never ever die."

i miss tosspot shoutcasting

i miss RTCW:ET

i miss discovering good music through fragmovies
So ask yourself just who you are
Where you've been
What you know
Where you'll go
You don't succeed cause you hesitate
You think we're fly, but we levitate
Just be yourself, don't ask us why
Cause if you don't, we'll make you cry
Last night I had a vivid dream,
I found a place where nothing's what it seems,
I'm bound to walk this earth alone,
I am a hunter and the heir to the throne
Surrender your soul,
Surrender your pride,
Please enter my dream,
Find your natural high,
You've got nothing to fear,
Cause your rebirth is near
" many memories, so much time spent
I feel it deep within, it's just beneath the skin
I must confess that I feel like a monster
I hate what I've become, the nightmare's just begun
I must confess that I feel like a monster

dat nostalgia

the feels man :s
I wish I had time and money so I could create ET Live. It would be awesome to have some old faces get back in the business mixed with new young player. Just wait a few years, ET will live again. It's time to get over it for a while.
Tiens, un vieux! :{D
Quoi de beau e-sportivement parlant?
for long time the best journal , thanks for the movies :)

Nerd - Rockstar , ass kickin song ! <3
you clearly never read a journal from that guy called Le... smth
"i miss discovering good music through fragmovies"

idd mate, since people stopped releasing new fragmovies I kinda limited discovering new music, it's suprising how much of the music which I'm still listening is with me thanks to FM's.

I've watched Parodia Magnifica just like 2 weeks ago and was wondering how many people are still watching that kind of stuff. Good to know I'm not the only one ;) cheers
image: FM

kolekcja wciaz na dysku ;) btw mignelo mi chyba w ktoryms zurnalu, ze pykasz juz w bete QC? gra ktos ciekawy? bo nie powiem ale ruszylem tam troche z low i stwierdzilem, ze trzeba stanac do castingu na nastepce avka ale fajnie byloby pograc nie tylko z randomami
Po tym lanie w etku to pewnie zaczne w to grac. Tak to jakos jeszcze mi to za bardzo nie przypadlo do gustu :D
Someone needs to link Jafo's fragmovie here! One of my all time favourites at least :)
You didn't even watch my new movie:x
I didn't even know you had a movie haha! I can't imagine you frag me in it once as me and Tites were too busy melting you boys so I'll save my internet the hassle ;D
love the memories <3
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