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Hi. Im making some test and i wanna know wich one looks better.

[] 1st clip (smooth)
[] 2nd (less smooth)
[] 3rd ( less smooth and sharpen, some motion blur)
[] 4th (no motion blur, sharpen)

Hdtv 720p 30fps (1280x 720 30fps)

ps: dont comment fonts.. i know that sux.. will be changed soon

thx *
somebody host at decent site and ill download :P
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codec ? =o
x264 (megui) ofc... u cant see it :P
change fov
i like the second <3
me too i think that is the better one
i'd watch it, but teh codec won't run smooth on vlc
Download CoreAVC x264 codec from somewhere (I think it's commercial these days...) It's one of the fastest x264 decoders out there, at least beats VLC's internal codec and ffdshow's libravcodec.

The clip ran fine on my old Athlon XP, clocked at 2300 MHz.
second gots kool looks imo
@ my pc its lagging like HELL xD
but i thinks its my pc ;p
nice music
Dunnoes. Here are sum quickies from this week though:

uR going boinks


premi from Cadre showing us his nading skills
Seriously, you're movies are the best I've ever least in terms of style and quality.
Hehe, thanks.

Quality isn't really my main concern, but props for style are always appreciated... I do things my way. Might not be the best way out there, but it gets the job done. :)
you're the best gaso
uranus.avi reminded me of 4kings movie by shaokin productions, don't realy know why, maybe becuz of the glow walls of the axis base have..very nice :p
Ok, one thing...why don't people like It is seriously beyond me.
Can't watch it, sorry. :<
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