quick "protip"

Supplimenting with lecithin actually helps you focus better on getting the 3 headies or at least a better accuracy, and I guess it does generally work for all games.

also on studies

Results vary.

dont kill me if you are allergic to soy tho

Does this fit to your persona? Because it would be problematic.

and dramatic
people at lan prolly running to the stores to buy some

thx for the advice

e: especially sebhes he loves supplements
can some1 please give address to the store in krefeld?? asking for a friend
I think ill become a supplement guru.

But i need a license so if people die i wont go to jail hehe.

I can bring cocaine on Sunday, need paypment in advance.
Acetyl l-carnitine with taurine and caffiene is good combination.
If you buy in bulk it's much cheaper than energy drinks!
In my humble opinion, l-theanine might work better. Following a study, it seems to activate alpha waves in the brain without the jittery feeling, like a relaxed yet alert state of mind without the crash.
banana's stop your hand shaking due to potassium too
rum helps me focus better
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