Nations Cup 2017?

Last Nations Cup was in 2015. Might be time for another Nations Cup now that some faces returned to the scene.

A lot of players have moved on and are working now. So that's why I think to get these guys back for the Nations Cup to play some games we'd need a prizepool. Crowdfunding?

My idea. €1050 in donations (I can kick off by donating €100)

Double elimination brackets (no groupstage so it won't take too long).

I'd say we might be able to get like 8-12 nations with a full line-up? Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, UK, Poland, Germany?

Avi from Team Sri Lanka :)
nice troll, 8/10 for effort

You would get only 7teams max with full lineups unless you allowed some nations to get two teams together :/
avi for arabia

ipod, karma and me need +3 for this
Before i start, i just want to say that as a community (especially the players) it is amazing how many people have signed up to this nationscup. I just want to mention that this was the first thing that was appealing to me and encouraged me to try and make a UK team to compete in the past few weeks. Respect to you guys and good luck in the tournament

I am going to be straight and try and explain in the best way possible, because i know to most / if not all this is going to be something that gets a lot of negative attention and or responses. I am going to be as constructive as possible and i do not mean to offend anyone in this at all.

In terms of the prize pool breakdown, there are a few things that stand out for me. First let me just say that personally (and this is the part which i know most wont agree with) nationscup has to be financially beneficial to play. I know most will say well fuck you, its a community game now and we dont need that negative reason, but it is the truth. As the game and myself (note that im speaking for a few of my team members here too) grows older, priorities change and hence the step back from gaming. Personally i cant look at spending say 400 hours to play a nationscup tournament, whilst saving for a house and a wedding. Let me also just add before i try to make my point that a lot of us and especially me have spent a hell of an amount of time over the past few years playing nationscups, let me just say that playing these types of tournaments arent cheap.

I have always looked at the past few nationscups that i have played in trying to break even in terms of the costs associated with practicing. When i say break even - i mean that the cost of electricity is pretty much the same as the prize money that you can potentially win. With this i dont include food / alcohol - as to me it is a luxury to be able to spend the time and enjoy myself with people that i have known for years and dont get the chance to play often.

If you look at the breakdown for example my costs in playing this nationscup - adding electricity fees, G-fuel and mortgage on my house- i am looking at 250 euros EASILY. If you look at the prize money that is up for grabs (for first place - and believe me the amount of risk in achieving first place especially now is so high) is like 100 euros - its literally nowhere even close to "breaking even"

I think that the prize pool breakdown needs to be considered. Personally for me the winners should be rewarded much more than current (note that im saying this still based on me not competing before anyone jumps on the bandwagon and says im only interested because i think if i playi will win). My opinion is that it should be split 900/ 100/ 25. Even 1000 / 25/ 0 would be better.

Anyway, based on the points above i dont see there being a great chance of my UK NC team playing based on my mortgage expenses unless we can find some form of support. Regardless and if we dont play, i hope the tournament is a success and hope none of the above (admins especially) take the constructive criticism i have said personally.
lol this is john locke from lost man u made me old memories 2009
So Germany captain as I am currently here still
Not entirely sure that Nationscup is the best idea because it excludes people pretty easily. I would be more in favour of encouraging a crowdfunded Summer cup, and willing to contribute additionally.

Since there are no travelling costs, it would be infinitely easier to break even.
SummerCup would be great tbh, especially as people will be around checking CF and stuff in the next few days, take advantage of the exposure Kappa
You can do some shoutcasting and maybe find the elusive 'bobika best mouse'
Oh also. Maybe allow more than one team for each nation so really shit players like myself have a chance in winning. It'll have to be done soon due to brexit. We will only qualify for the commonwealth cup quite soon :S
we can start a low+ skill nationscup and get merlin to cast it. gonna be hilarious to watch
Austria will be in for it... image: smiley86
avi to paly
winning 100 euros and beating Sebhes in NC final sounds nice
Nation Cup = Oxid vs Elysium
Would be good to see, but I don't think you would get many teams with full line ups. Maybe another tournament this year though?
What about some sort of league with seperate divisions decided by skill level.
Each division has let's say 5 teams, meaning you play 4 matches.

1 match per week, 1 league per month.
Promotion/demotion system in divisions, 1st and last promote/demote.
So everyone has opponents on their own skill level.

Require at least 3/6 players in your lineup that are not part of another team.
Standins are always allowed from lower divisions, only allowed from higher/same division if opponent agrees.

Prizepool winnings, idk, basically play it for nostalgia sakes xd?
Only possible with prizemoney I guess. Otherwise youd have like 4-5 teams l0l
How can I apply for the team image: giphy
€100 and youre teamcaptain
this gif :D
avi for team BE or PL
How about 3o3 format instead? You can pick winners of qualifiers from the previous 3o3 worldcup to make it quicker image: 1
2008: some people still believe in reptilians
2015: some people still think that earth is flat
2017: some people still think that 6o6 is more skilled xd
2k17 some ppl still think that same guys who dominate 6on6 doesnt do so in 3on3 too apart from few individuals image: ed2c3402d04214b10eb996ea07d43375
2k17 some ppl still think that, the same guys who dominate 3o3 doesnt do so in 6o6
but keep trying
2k17 some people still argue with miNd, thinking they can win from professional ET player with 5 EC wins and 1 nation win image: 1
yes, its not possible to some newschool homo to even know better than me anyway whats up and how game works
Would donate 10€ to see some nice games tho :)
Avi for team NL
Sweden is up for it
Avi - I can speak fluent Swedish. Team FIKA!
Could try with a 3on3 for starters, see how many interest is there, still easier to pick up 3 guys than instantly 6. After that, u see the amount of teams that are participating in it and then decide upon a 6on6.

At the very end, i dont think ppl care so much about prizes, its more like having spare time for entire team to practice and play games on schedule, that would be the problem.
agree with it
can donate 1 euro to breakeven
Sounds good to me, might bring some portuguese players for this.
€100 from me
Interested. I could be the captain for Finland.

There shouldn't be limits for players per team. Let oxid, polagz and elysium play in it.
get them all with u! and get decem!
Decem is too mummy for sure.
Avi for team Hungary
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