kApot's LAN Story

Hi Crossfire, It's me Netherlands kApot.

Professional ETPlayer.

I hope you guys can understand my english, have fun reading my LAN Story!!

It all started with travelling from Station Zwolle to Station Tiel, when i arrived in Tiel I was like 30mins to early but Netherlands outlAw still picked me up and we went to his home because Netherlands mENACE forgot his config 'XD',
when Netherlands outlAw finished downloading Netherlands mENACE his config we went back to Station Tiel to pick Netherlands GiZmOoO up there.

After we picked him up we went to McDonalds Tiel and we had to wait on Netherlands iNsAne , Netherlands Hayaa
& Netherlands mENACE so we could drive together.

When they arrived we went to eat something at McDonalds, while eating at the McDonalds we had alot of fun already so the weekend could only get better and better.

After almost 2 hours of driving we finally arrived at our hotel ( Ibis Budget Krefeld ), it was not the best hotel but it was also pretty cheap so couldnt expect to much.

When we dropped our stuff at the hotel we went to the TakeTV Venue, to meet some of the Europe 'xD Trickjump, team and Netherlands viSual / Europe Elysium and of course players from the other teams. The venue, couches , chairs & pc's were amazing!! I couldn't wait till my first match on friday.

Friday: Europe mAlibu 3on3!
image: mAlibu_3on3
United Kingdom crumbs , Netherlands kApot & Germany Ava.

I didnt sleep that much the first night, because we went to bed pretty late and because it was pretty hot in the hotel. But it was time to shine in the 3on3 format, we didnt expect to much since our pracs didnt go well. But my goal was to reach atleast the play-offs.

Europe mAlibu group A results: Poland b2k 4-0 win , Europe 3 Amigos 3-1 win , Germany bimbos 0-4 loss, Belgium Fraggers 0-4 loss , Netherlands viSual 0-4 loss & Finland Cat in a hat 4-0 win.

I would say our win against Poland Back 2 kill was a bit suprising for the community but not for us, the game was pretty easy and i'm sure Europe mAlibu will beat them again on the next LAN.

If we lost one game with 4-2 we would've been through, but sadly couldnt make it to the play-offs. We ended up 5th place in our group, its pretty decent for us i would say.

After we were out of the 3on3 format I went to spectate some other matches from Netherlands viSual and alot of other teams.

Saturday: Europe 'xD Trickjump, 6on6!
After dropping out of the 3on3 i wanted to take some revenge against some 6on6 teams.

Europe 'xD Trickjump, Group B results: United States of America Eurocans 4-0 loss , Europe Paronix 4-0 loss , Germany Teamoxid 4-0 loss , Europe randomZ 4-0 loss , Europe The MoneyTeam 4-0 loss, Europe EDiT 4-0 loss.

Like you guys maybe noticed we lost every match with 4-0, but it was fine because our group was pretty hard and we didnt prac alot either. I will take my revenge next LAN ;)

After losing alot, I watched alot of matches in the Cinema, but most of the time i spectated Europe Elysium live.

I also played some Fifa against Netherlands mENACE , Netherlands Testi , Netherlands iNsAne & United Kingdom Potty, won a few and lost a few. But most of the games were pretty close. All i remember is my win against United Kingdom Potty.

Sunday: Final day
I had to play with Europe 'xD Trickjump, in the Consolation Tournament.

Consolation Tournament Results: Europe Cat in a hat 4-2 win , Europe RandomZ 4-2 win and we lost in the finals against United States of America Eurocans (4-0). We finally won 2 matches on lan XD.

But it's all good, we had alot of fun. After our tournament we were watching the 3on3 finals, Europe viSual against Germany Teamoxid, i expected the match to be alot closer, but Europe viSual won it with 6-2.

After Europe viSual their 3on3 LAN win they still had to play some 6on6 matches with Europe Elysium
They won the LB Final against Poland Team Solo B (4-2). After this win they were in the GRAND FINALS against Europe TheMoneyTeam really good opponent. Europe Elysium had to beat them twice, and i had trust in them and i knew they could do it.

After their first 4-2 win against Europe TheMoneyTeam Everyone was hyped up for the 2nd match. There was alot of pressure for both teams, it was only one game away from winning the tournament. But in the end Europe Elysium won it with 4-2 again. I dont think alot of players expected them to win but they did.

Congratulations Europe Elysium deserved win! :)

We went to bed pretty late and didnt sleep that much again. We left our hotel around 12:00 and it was time to go home! Netherlands outlAw dropped me and Netherlands GiZmOoO at the station of Tiel. After that i needed to take a train to Utrecht Centraal. When i arrived at Utrecht Centraal i needed to wait for like 20-30 minuts before the train to Zwolle (my hometown) was there. And after a long weekend i arrived at home (16:15 CET).

I would love to give some shout-outs now:

Thanks to Germany Teamoxid & Netherlands Sebhes for making this lan happen and for streaming the whole weekend , great job guys!! Also a shoutout to United Kingdom Merlinator for casting alot of games, hopefully you will cast next lan aswell ^.^

Big shoutout to the guys who i've played with:
3on3: United Kingdom crumbs & Germany Ava.
6on6: Netherlands shjzn , Netherlands timbolina , United Kingdom Shaman , United Kingdom Fantasy & Finland Sherclock.

Also a big shoutout to:
Netherlands viSual / Europe Elysium: Netherlands outlAw , Netherlands iNsAne , Netherlands GiZmOoO , Netherlands Sebhes , Netherlands Hayaa , Belgium Jere.
Was nice to meet you guys again <3.

Also a special shoutout to Netherlands mENACE was nice to meet you bro, hope you enjoyed your first LAN!

And of course a big shoutout to everyone i met there, was alot of fun!

Thanks for everything and see you guys next LAN!
QuoteI would say our win against Poland Back 2 kill was a bit suprising for the community but not for us, the game was pretty easy and i'm sure Europe mAlibu will beat them again on the next LAN.

QuoteAll i remember is my win against United Kingdom Potty.

apply water to burn area
so awkward since us kitties were also in tiel on thursday night :DDD
Nice to see you again :)
Kapot <3

E: btw you surprised a lot of people in your 3v3s

Very well done!!
Ipod <3 Thanks man!
nice read :) give us some 3on3 cups to play
Thank you, will do man!
Nice lan journal! <3
nice read happy guy =) cu next lan!
Haha thanks :) cu next lan!
I heard you and potty kind of fell in love a little <3 ;)

every1 fell in love with potty! And that's not just a little
Hahah, we were trolling each other almost the whole weekend :D
Kapoterinoble! Thanks alot and i was not surprised of the way you played in that particular 3o3. You are hyped, motivated and motivating, kind and a enjoyable person.

I got you son
Haha Thanks bro <3
Highlight moment of the LAN was Potty bullying you livestream though

Good job for the 3on3 results!
watching the replay of that for the second time now XD
LOL :D, Thanks man! Will do better next LAN :)
Nice Kapot. I liked your match against b2k. Deserved win :D
Haha thanks Krepox!
Shoutout to NetherlandsShjzn for oversleeping on Sunday and therefore enabling me to step in and carry xD' to the win over CatInaHat.
never lost at LAN.
100% winrate @ LAN. I deserve that MVP
schNee!!! 8)
elllo =)
install et and lets play!!!!
Hahaha ffs i havent slept the whole fucking lan. But nice meeting u
QuoteHi Crossfire, It's me Netherlands kApot.

Professional ETPlayer.

well played in the 3on3 matches! too bad that i lost my mojo after the first two matches and couldn't keep the solid performance up
All good man! :)
Was nice to meet you bruv
too bad we had no Malibu VS. Gut-Lack there
Same! Ye maybe next lan? :P
Haha see you next time buddy! Always very nice to have you there
See you next time!
thx for offering your mouse at lan when i had the pc problem sebhes! :) really appreciated it (even though i didn't need it)
No worries! Glad you had the same mouse that good gamers use :D
To you too, hopefully until the next one.
thanks for letting me use your mouse on lan, was nice to meet you. Doe rustig aan kleine man. x
Haha npnp, insgelijks! :)
Nice meeting you kapot, until we meet again.
Such a lovely guy! Always smiling and shining!

Hope to see you at the next edition again! :)
Ah thanks for the kind words! Was a pleassure to meet you again :)

Cu next LAN!!
will be fun meeting you on the next lan mate
Ofcourse man! See you there ^^
See you next LAN :)
See you next LAN bro! :)
you are living in zwolle? ever had dinner in the restaurant ( De Librije ) from jonnie boer?
Yes i live in Zwolle, haha yes i know that restaurant!
no its wenka
Do I actually sound like in saying wenka?
no you sound like: no way you fucking cheater
phew, managed to get away without sucking your dick.

ggs kapot, c u next lan
hahah cu next lan!
I miss ET dayyyum i get goosebumps,.. good old days
so hey dat is lang geleden :p Maak een comeback, komt sowieso nog een lan volgend jaar ^^
play with us again!!!!!!!
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