Next Lan event

Hello boys and girls,

I can tell you, that we are currently thinking about another edition. Now we are here, to ask you all, what would fit your calendars best and where you would like the next event to take place.

Let us start with the date. I got many messages from different players, who asked us to maybe think about doing another edition this year already. After that we got into internal talks and decided to ask all of you what you think about that. For us it wouldn't be a problem to do everything to host another LAN this year already in October, November or December. Another option would be, to host the second event next year (most likely around may again). What would you like best and would we have enough interest for this year already?

Another point of this journal is the place of the next event. We of course liked TaKeTV very much and would always host another event there again. But I can also tell you, that the venue is very popular, which maybe causes problems in finding a fitting date this year. We could also host events with similar setups in Berlin or Munich. We will give you more details about the locations, when we know what you guys think.

So boys and girls, what do you think? Let us know. I would like to ask every captain who would arrange a team for the next LAN to pm me here or at IRC to show interest to start calculating, if this idea might work out.

Over and out.
Berlin let's go
Winter time + Munich would be op af for me at least. kinda busy summer time.

gr8 m8 hehe and i rly dont mind if we would have one already this year but october wouldnt be the best date for me ;P (moving away + uni starting) but november or december shouldnt be a problem!

e: avi for serious lan team :D
ur right with the link!
believe me or not but 1 day after the lan i talked with scarzy and told him that i want the next et lan there =D
i believe u
next year for sure holidays already book for this
October or November would be best :-)
probably 2 April 2137 would be great
Next year best for me, all my holiday booked for this year already pretty much
October or November would be best :-)
Sounds great to me!

Would be nice instead of typing opinions we could mark someday (in my TS for example) and bring people to know what they think, more productive in less time.
sounds good, but what about sponsors? We have to monetize the et scene and get a sponsors, create social media&grid of streamers under one brand.
sure thing m8 go for it
next year, don't care which city/venue

cu there
Amazing effort
This year too soon for a lot of people. Announcing one early next year already would give people time to sort cover for work, school or whatever. Take tv was awesome and is prefer there due to cheap cost of beer and good nearby
^ for a wanker you speak wise words
thats fucking wise mate
This year would be too early. Basically have used/booked my holidays for this hear already. I would be really interested to join tho, but only in next year.
doesn't really matter for me since i probably wont find a team again, but same place same time next year would be awesome

avi for a good team/to make a good team
if so, next year : - )
I thinking paying winnings foe the guys who won lan we should get out the way first, you guys put alot of cash into it. Then do one after this so next year. But different map pool please
Both... Oct/Nov this year and apr/may next year :)

Nah but seriously, doesn't matter for me personally. I can go next week if one would be going on, but not everyone has that luxury so I recon that next year would be better for most.

Berlin or Munich or Krefeld... Well Krefeld is definitely closer to where I live (2 hour drive) but Berlin or Munich may be a better option as those cities are a lot nicer than Krefeld. However, if I look at the e-sports thing in Munich in street view, I'm not so sure if that's better than the area in Krefeld. ;-)
impossible to make it this year due to writing down thesis. Berlin next year would be perfect.
e: listen to wise man Ronner
e: wise old man Ronner
e: hello dumb dead man smak
good one! but 10 semesters biology are finally over and writing my thesis in psychology.
Berlin, lets get wasted BUT i liked krefeld somehow

not sure if this year is too early for some peepz. make a poll on crossfire.
next year seems good enough to be planned.

but when its in germany i dont mind when it is. (but preferable warm times)
you don't look good with a hat? :)
i dunno! :D

summer is just better u can chill outside and don't need to hang inside all the time. gives the feeling of freedom and space u knoooow :D:D
Later this year wouldn't be that good because people have booked holidays and have already spent their free days from work maybe? Also later during winter would not be an option for a lot of people due to the bad weather and the delayed flights and other unexpected events.

Regarding the location, I've been in Munich before (enjoyed all the beer) but would also like to visit Berlin so in my opinion it would be a great choice, BUT a small not crowed city also has it's advantages such as lower price in hotels/motels.

I'm 90% sure that I will attend to the next LAN and looking forward to met you fuckers.
Good point about the Hotel prices in bigger cities. Could be a deciding factor for people if prices are a lot more. Krefeld was rather cheap, plus the location of the LAN center was great so perhaps Krefeld would be a better option.
I think you guys got it the wrong way, a small city like krefeld doesnt have cheaper hotels than a big city , it is completely the opposite, and this applies everywhere in the world. In berlin ( i live here) you can find a million different hotels to stay in, so the price range goes from dirt cheap motels to luxury hotels , while in krefeld you only have VERY limited options where to stay, making the prices higher overall. I would also believe that plane tickets from most european cities are cheaper as there are many direct flights to berlin, while to go to krefeld you need to go to düsseldorf and to get there you probably have to make a scale somewhere in between. Perhaps krefeld is closer by car to a lot of people tho, so that could be cheaper if the majority of people going are doing so by car. I would also say that hotels iin Müinich in comparisson are rather expensive as well.
What you're saying make sense, especially the part with the plane tickets :D airbnb is also a choice if you're going in a big city such as Berlin.

However CU LAN :D wherever it will take place.
Actually my flight tickets only cost 45€ from the UK, plus the train which was 5€ each way that totals 55€ for travel expenses. Flights to Berlin alone start at double that cost.
Next year, in may
Krefeld was amazing (the location at least)
Also next year may also good for me arranged free days already.
Both date arrangements have their positive and negatieve aspects. May 2018 might be to far away. I noticed some hype of people that really enjoyed the Lan and want go asap again. Also from the people that did not attend and that really want to be a part of it next time. Doing it in may might remove the hype for some, atleast for me, since im not ging to play all year till may. This might result in people losing their motivation to make a comeback het again. Ofcourse on Financial terms it would be better, since people can save some money.

Best in my opinion would be december. Plan an Eurocup and oc premier cup kind of sort online event in the september, oktober, november months. Because of this people will stick around, the scène stays 'alive' and people can prepare for the upcoming Lan. This results in better competition and higher quality teams and matches.

Further Krefeld would be the best in my opinion. We've been there already and it was great. The small points that couldve been better are easy to fix since we have already been there and they just have to be tweaked a little.

Krefeld was nice and cheap, i would say februari / april would be fine. And like Hayaa Said maybe Some nice chosen now to keep some activity
My 2cents, to have a better guarantee of higher attendance I would say next year would be best.

Whenever it is decided for, announce early and try to organise some regular activity between now and then. Remembering that summer is coming up so less activity for like 2months for most. Would be nice to see an NC sometime and I have personally been waiting for a decision on the next LAN to potentially organise a tournament myself.
A long side a lot of other players, I don't find the idea of a NC very good.
Main reason: lack of players in the game which result in having too few teams participating.
I can only see 3, maybe 4 nations cup teams being able to pull up a stable and good lineup: netherlands, germany, poland and MAYBE uk.
Though I might be wrong on this one, I'd love to see more players coming back for a NC, but it has always been a mess to make such an event, just look at how many forfeit wins teams were having, even when ET was more active than now. Also, the skill gap will be too huge between the Nations I stated here, and other smaller countries. It won't be fun to watch / play the games with such a gap.
EC / OC cups will be a lot more suitable for a lot of teams, who'll be able to manage their players more easely with a larger choice.
+ Belgium I think. But EC/OC is way better indeed
Name me 8 or 9 players from finland who still play the game
i heard they all like to come back if we YELL loud enough

dont worry they all will come back when i say they need to
The Finland NC whisperer
true enough on the amount of teams, but doesn't have to be 6on6, could be a 3on3 tournament maybe.
Ah yeah, 3on3 could be nice indeed! Haven't seen it this way :p

But 6v6 > 3v3 imo
to keep hype going ther should be cups and NC so players stick to the game, next year would be best cause already booked holidays and travels, can't fit LAN into this year anymore.
april/may would be best.
Next year.

And unless you can find a venue better than TakeTV, dont change it...
The argument about "people having used their vacation days" is pure bs. I only needed, and had, friday off and I recently started at a new job. My point is that you only need a single day off unless you're travelling from another continent or simply want to party till the dying hours of the event.

Most of the LAN participants are functional adults so personal scheduling and financials shouldn't be that big of a deal imo. I would say November this year isn't too soon but May 2018 is too far :-)
Listen to tOMBA!
totally agree

or just 2nd lan in november and 3rd edition in may 2k18 ;P
Most adults with a normal career will find it hard to book time off. I don't understand how you can call bs on other people's professional life just because yours doesn't mirror others.

It was hard enough for me to get a week end off due to my line of work sorting cunts out for a living. More cunts at weekends to deal with therefore less time off for me.
Most adults wont have a problem with taking 1 day off lol, get a decent job!
I think this is your keybord:
image: wet-econo-keys
I feel you bro, toilets need to be clean during weekends as well, not easy to get a day off.
I think you just contradicted yourself saying my professional life is not mirroring others and then giving an example of yourself having trouble getting a weekend off when working weekends is most definitely a minority in any society.

Most people either work or study from monday till friday. And if it's personal agendas that need sorting out, the LAN will be announced way before it actually takes place so it should be relatively easy to ask one's fiance/dad/brother-in-law to cover while you're away for the time being.

I honestly can't see how it would be hard for people to book a single weekend off when they know about it for months in advance. If you're getting married the same weekend, you're moving to a new appartment or your wife's due date is around that time, you're the exception - not most adults. And if your employer is shit and doesn't allow you on leave without pay/work the hours in before/etc I'd recommend you to re-evaluate your job's pros and cons.
For me I need to have Thursday off before LAN simply because of the hours I work it'd be impossible for me to work the Thursday and get a flight to LAN on the same day. With 3v3 starting On Friday @ 9am this LAN it required me to be there Friday morning. Thats 2 days off plus the possibility of a 3rd should I want to stay Sunday night if there aren't any good flight times on Sunday.

So for me I need 3 days off and I get ~20 days a year after bank holidays and Christmas etc; 14 days off in the summer, 3 days off for the LAN just gone. Then 2 days off for my birthday, and 1 day off for my girlfriends birthday.. Voila, no time off.

Like you said there might be a possibility for me to have unpaid time off but then everyone else at my work needs to be taken into consideration as holiday comes before asking for unpaid leave.

Just giving my 2 cents that actually, it isn't possible for everyone to get a 'simple' day off.
The UK must be completely different to every other country then. That is how it is here, I guess companies else where just think "Fuck it, got loads of people off this day lets stop business for a day"

I am no exception in the UK. Whatever it is you do must be hella unimportant :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Finnish people are hardworking, flexible and decent to deal with. Based on my experience very different from the English, no?

I work for a company which calls itself the leading Nordic repair partner in the mobile & IT device repair industry. Honestly I have nothing to compare it to so can't really vouch on that. I handle purchase orders for all major brands (Samsung, LG, Apple, Sony, Huawei etc.) with another guy. The job is too much work for its benefits and tbh I don't really breathe to work in life so low ambitions careerwise here but if there's one thing it's not it's unimportant. If my assignments weren't completed the production would instantly decrease; technicians not receiving spare parts, customers & retailers not receiving their products, suppliers not receiving used spare parts, etc. But I guess everyone else on the internet is a doctor so I must be in a bad light here :s

I'm starting to think maybe UK is a lot different, at least in comparison with Finland, although I'm still not convinced. If you want to attend a LAN you will make the sacrifices elsewhere in your life, simple as. And if you just can't, then it sucks to be you because the organizers can't please everyone's wishes.

I worked for two months so 0 vacation generated for me back then yet, asked to get a day off under any condition and booked a flight one month prior to the LAN. Co-worker filled in for me np and wouldn't have expected to get a negative either way as I would have done the same. Sounds like things are different in the UK so I have to say I'm not exactly envying your work environments if that's the case

(Please no more spamsmileys in future replies, I will begin to think I'm typing to a 16-year-old)
Äijältä jääny vaan se tajuumatta et perus työläinen (sinä?) saa ihan helvetisti helpommin vapaata kun esimies jonka työkalenteri voi helposti olla aika täynnä seuraavat 3-6kk riippuen vähä alasta ja minkä "tason" dirika oot.
Tottakai yrityshierarkian alemmilta oksilta pääsee lepsummin vapaalle, mut ylempänä on taas kolikon kääntöpuoli ja koulutuksen/kokemuksen suomat edut, joita voi tarpeen tullen vetää kotiin päin. Ite määriteltävät työajat, etäpäivät, "päivystykset", saikulle pelkällä meilillä yms. Ala- ja asemakohtasta joo, mut yks viikonloppu monen kuukauden varotusajalla... järjestelykysymys.
Well that's fine for you if you can get a day off for LAN if there was one this year but others can't. This whole topic is about getting peoples opinions about what they can do and what they prefer, no need to call us non-functional adults because we might not necessarily be able to get time of for LAN this year.

Again stray is simply asking for peoples preferences, surely you can respect that it'd be better for us if it was next year rather than this year (as we can respect your want to have it this year).
You are right, it was a bit ignorant of me to call everyone out who can't possibly attend due to work. Like you said this is a subjective topic so I based my opinion on the fact that very few are truly irreplaceable at work and I understand this may vary. I guess the salt added a little extra drive in me knowing that attending, distance and expense wise, is much easier for others and not us within weak/pricy flight connections
Yeah mate I understand you completely I just didn't wanna come across as being a wanker! Me personally if there was one a LAN in the winter I think I could speak to my boss as there is nobody else on holiday during that time yet so getting it off as unpaid leave would probably be a possibility, but again it would be better for me if there was one next year, don't want to miss out on anything.
Krefeld was nice and cheap, i would say februari / april would be fine. And like Hayaa Said maybe Some nice chosen now to keep some activity
nog steeds aan gaan Giel??!!
this year, next year w/e
the sooner the better imho, high5 is already praccing for the next event.
this year ? no thx , next year same time.
next year feb/march + around november = 2 lans ez

krefeld was good
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