yo, so basically when i watch my demos i have this kind of shitty thing like the skins all have a santaclaus hat and when theres being a nade thrown its like snowballs how can i fix it ?

selfbust lol
you need to delete pak0.pk3 from etmain folder and clean your recycle bin at desktop
there are many pk3 like "xmas" or smth, sometimes you may also have ~~~~~~~~.pk3 or smth in your etmain folders, delet it, it comes from a serv you've been on that imposed you these skins
2003-2017 still I have a prob with ET xD
save cfg, etkey, reinstall
I believe I have the same issue ever since
probably some retarded files from hbc or hirntot from xmas seasons but dunnno none of the files in my etmain called xmas or smthng..
Delete every .pk3 file from your etmain folder that is not:
- a map you recognize
- pak0.pk3
- pak1.pk3
- pak2.pk3
- mp_bin.pk3

And delete every .pk3 file from your etpro folder except for etpro-3_2_6.pk3

Or, if you don't mind having 2 ET installations, you could install a second ET and copy the following from your current ET's etmain and etpro folders:
- profiles folders
- any .cfg files that you use
- if you use custom location overrides, the contents of etpro/maps

And then just copy the demos to your new ET (best to connect to a server before trying to play a demo, or otherwise extract etpro-3_2_6.pk3.)
thnx pal ly
cl_allowdownload 0 after you delete files as stated above and you wont get them anymoar :-)
or use separate et installation
pk3 cleaner
Move to rovaniemi pls
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