Team klientpro looking for 1 player

according to announced cup, we created a klient's team for this.
just need 1 more player.
we start pracc 10 sept
pm me

image: teamklient
image: 1

pm lEku or bl00dje
lEku to low for us sry
You should contact players like base, juicy and upload. They will suit fine for your needs.
strong team
I think Ipod's freelance role will suit your team.
speak Portugal&Poland
msg me
Sam tam raczej niewiele ugrasz:D
I'm like fries and skilled—much too hot to hold
I'm strong and I'm handsome and white, plus I'm bold
A mental case, sometimes stressin' but then I flip
Because you got to go crazy on Hollywood for your grip
And you know ain't no room in my Russiamirror for your face
And if I got y'all confused like Rubik then state yo case
Yet creepshow suckas keep tryin to submerge mine
But I can hold my breath for a long time
I emerge with treasures and coins, a thick sack
And your life ain't mine to take, now kick back
Cause if it don't make dollas—sucka, you know the poem
Cause either you pimping this game or you just hoing
Now get up outta mine, nigga I'm the bomb
Droppin heat on your homeboys and spreadin like napalm
Cause I got more styles than your car's got miles
And I, got more styles than a hotel's got towels
Cause I kicks it in... k6k9 bait
da hell went wrong in your life?
top3 team
mAus from Germany imo
Å‚ooooohooo :)
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