krefeld battle ground aftermovie - highlights?


i am planing to do a lan aftermovie, do you know any special moments, that should be considered?

mainly frags or sick moments? i have a lot, but there are surely more, that I/we didnt find yet.

teamoxid allowed me to use thier footage, thanks to them for that, also I didnt follow the merlinator casts, due to playing myself, are there any good casting moments that I could also add?

thanks, yes english

just post ideas here

(yes FinlandSwani I will try to make alot of freecams for you)
sry sind da raus
I cant say too much about it since studios are still working on it but there will be a LAN movie soon...
spoiler alert: you re in this movie
I only allowed potty to use the video for the whatsapp group, not more! sry police will come
my lawyers are already working on your case
the files are stacking against you for slander and defamation
cu jail.
iPod wollte doch schon eins machen, frag ihn mal wegen Demos etc.
die infos hab ich schon :)
so h2o's fragmovie coming in, nice
Jay with mg42 frags leggo
BloOdje's & WuT's bar moments
Tears rolling down Sebhes face when he won LAN is def a nice clip
what about the tears that rolled down his face when he got rolled in 3on3 by certified 4th place team rektem
He called us idiots too soon
haha yeah what a retard
ok guys, yes

but alot of the game were not on gamestv, so if someone has some good frags, send them to me with times, thx thx cu next lan
the two times i out damaged you and you wouldnt even high five me as you was upset. haha
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