Old mate Fishtank

Hi guys, hope you're all keeping well after all these long years
I'm here to ask you for help, our old friend from ET community - Fishtank is dealing with hard depression and he's currently spending his time in mental hospital in uk, i would be glad If you could share with him any kind of support via his Facebook profile; Lewis Clarke (pic with dread hairs) i know it means a lot for him when people don't leave him alone in this hard time
Links to his music profile:

One love #miAmi.et
<3 fishtank m8
Get well soon, you can do it!
get well soon mate
Depressed because nC dropped etBot support?
igla is also in mental hospital and nobody is giving a flying fuck about him - poor him
that's like...obvious
nothing special tho FeelsBadMan
Is this for real? I hope its not a joke - get well soon mate!!
get well soon!
get well soon!
get well soon homie miss ya <3 !
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