Elysium looking for 6th

Europe Elysium is in need of a 6th player for the upcoming ETernal Damage tournament.

  • Experience on the highest level
  • Motivated
  • Be available for games and potential practise matches
  • Intention to continue playing with us in future tournaments (Both online as offline)
We can offer you a motivated, experienced and fun team. We want to take the tournament serieus and have the intention to compete for the victory.

When interested, please send a pm where you describe why you find yourself suitable as our 6th player.
nice meme
obj whore avi / best medic
nice flag kurwa
sry small correction [flag=trash] shjzn
CV needed?
United Kingdom R0SS

saw him last week in danish version who wants to be a millionaire

image: FB_IMG_1503394595098
"Experience on the highest level"

rofl, as if highest level nowadays means anything
lol don't be jealous just because your greatest accomplishment in ET was banning some randoms from an IRC channel
I'm a bit too old nowadays to actually worry about my 'gaming accomplishments' and so should you be :D
avi to make a come back for this
Too low for me. Pm me when there is money involved.
gl boys <3
Is there other teams left besides elysium / oxid?
Retards like you are still left around
I serieusly hope you will find someone!
is that what u say to guys hitting on u
Same thing she said to swani after she saw his performance at lan
It makes only sense for the dutch.
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