lan frag highlights pls


i need more frags, if u know u made an amazing frag, the gtv link is enough!

pref the demo, but guys we need more and good frags, yes

and still need some good casting moments, so far no one posted smtg :(
I heard Netherlands kApot was a beast on LAN.
My LAN moments were bar none. Check them out.
Begging for frag records on ET in 2017 :O)
yea shame on et players lol :D
MKS STRIKE ! 4er + 1 smg ^^
chosen 3 men nade , leku squadkill whole team , mks strike on radar und maybe some stuff by myself that i cant remember ^^

chosen hab ich, die demo vom strike is verbugged bei mir :D gucke nachher ob ich die krieg, falls er die demo hat wär auch gut
ah ärgerlich ich frage ihn mal in WA glaub aber keiner hat demos gespeichert
ja ich auch nicht, hab keine frags von mir selbst drin obwohl ich tons of gemacht hab :D
From the Grand Final I would at least include Jere his rifle that was comparable to Drago his panzerfaust and also the last round where Elysium managed to beat a 2 minute time in adlernest winning the tournament. Perhaps with Merli or Toss their sources included. I could look it up if you don't have it yet. Let me know.
Would be cool if u can send me those demos, I already planned to include both
I'll do my best one of these days
it would literally take you a couple of hours to find the content yourself. a fraction of the time it'll take to make the actual movie :d
Well to be honest, I have no clue dealing with this demo scanner programs as I never used them, and I prefer not to have that ettv infos on the demo, so yea xd
the scanner has the option to remove all ettv info from the demo after you cut
whats the link to the tool that scans gtv links for multifrags?
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