Worst alcoholic drink?

Goddamn I hate brandy, it's probably the worst shit there is.

We can fight if you like brandy.
brandy and cognac is the same but cognac is from france, u need to try "side car" its cockctail with coganc, organge liquer ( triple sec ) and lime juice !!
haha we have a winner
any cheap whiskey

when memories start cumming back the next morning
idd, those flashbacks are the worst. damn
I hate Martini :s
MESCAL!!! !!!!
warm beer
That crap is the closest thing you can find to pure ethanol ...
pure death in a bottle its fucking rancid...
warm lager beer
estonian beer beer or whatever it was
think thats the one, worst shit i've ever tasted while having hangover if i recall right i even puked after drinking it
Campari Soda
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