Crosshair problem when crouch

i fix that problem with new installation ET, and 2 days everything work without any problem,but after that i have same problem. When crouching and moving left-right, my crosshair is not stable let's say moving in waves, cant find solution to fix this, anyone have idea what is the problem?
no idea what the problem is
maybe bobroll?

maybe some config problems? try cvar_restart and see if its the same

if ur dpi is insanely high try putting it lower to lets say a safe 400/800
windows sense check it should be in the middle
smooth mouse, disable both windows ingame
if laptop go to power settings in cpanel and set ti to maximum performance/high performance

maybe ur et is starting as realtime/high priority? revert it back to normal

clean ur mouse sensor/try other mice
dirty mousepad? clean/replace

does the problem occur only in ET or other games? also i heard alot of ppl having problems with some mice on windows 10.. change os?

i reinstall game every day, still cant find solution, and i use 450 dpi, razer chroma mouse, i dont know for other games because now i play only ET, windows sens is in the middle, today i try sensei problem and i have same problem, mousepad is almost new i try with calibration too, i use win7
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might be also
remove the fucking thing
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