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I recently bought a Xiaomi Air 13. It's basically a crazy notebook for a generous price in EU.
It comes from China and u can buy it ONLY from there. So yeah everything is in chinese.
So you have to extract the key from the notebook and install windows 10 with the langage u want. There are many tutorials to do that and it worked for me so far until now.

The issue:
I have to extract the windows key from the notebook and its kinda easy even in chinese when you check tutorials.
But something different happened for me. Booted the laptop and there was the whole process when you have to select your country, hour, wifi, microsoft account... And I'm just blocked in this process cause the whole thing is in chinese hehehe. So it's pretty simple for chinese speaking people.

Is there anybody willing to check some screenshots and help me? Will take you 5 minutes :P

ye sure send me via e-mail at
Yeah msg me
Thought u were mexican
En quelques mots, comment te sens-tu suite au ban du serv de snatix?
image: image-16-jim-carrey-50th-birthday-604638636
Ma vie est ruinée ! :'D
Fixed it. Thank you everyone for your support
hope it's going to crash sooner or later
If you mean the next plane you are taking. Sure.
what plane do you mean, he's polish ffs, we don't have planes
ni hao = go fuck yourself
yes i speak asian fluently
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