Full screen resolutions and etpro vs et legacy

Hi guys,

wanted to play some ET after almost a decade and I am lost - maybe you will know how to open full screen game with 1900x1200 res?

And another thing - currently active players (not from FFAs and jaymods) are using standard ET + etpro or this ET Legacy thing?

Could not fint the answers in the "How to play ET in 2017", so thx in advance! :)
r_mode -1
r_customwidth 1900
r_customheight 1200
sry i forgot, also for fullscreen use the command r_fullscreen 1
thanks guys, but not working for me and my Win10 :(

UPDATE: I'm a stupid fuck. My system had +150% view in settings and that was why I could not see a ET properly. Now it is all good. THX!
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