ETPro SRC Modifcations

As you all know etpro hasn't been updated in over 10 years. Yet it still stands today as one of Enemy Territorys greatest mods. Its source code is so outdated that even the newer lua code can't run on it and with the game being filled with some very nasty bugs at the moment I'd say its time to update some stuff.

It isn't possible to update source code head on because sadly bani won't release and the admins from there are long gone but it is possible to use Syscall to hook the current version of etpro 3.2.6 allowing changes to etpro itself.
I have fixed most of the bugs I currently know of and have found ways to terminate the use of exploits by are most famous ET criminals..

If you would like to suggest ideas, or bugs you know of below I would be happy to work with you in this project.
Please have an open mind as everyones opinion should be respected!

[How It Works - Simple Terms]
The qagame (Modification) will run first as the server will see this as the game code, All the code written inside the modifcatation will set the boundries for when it loads original qagame (etpro). This gives the power to add or disable certian features and bugs.

[Current Status]
*Checks Client Is Using 2.60b (Should block the lua client exploit - waiting on its release)
*Blocks the localhost exploit used to gain access to ref/rcon
*Blocks name exploit via log crash
*Blocks users without valid guid or from using no guid
*ETTV Exploit Fixed - ETTV Servers can only connect via names (ETTV.TV ETTV ET.TV ETPRO.TV)
*Blocks bad names without characters - Name length can not be less than 3
*Blocks anonymous mac address (Doesn't really have much use unless bans become mac)
*Blocks anonymous userinfo and packets being sent to and from the server
*Blocks rate exploit used by fake players tool
*Checks clients are using the correct .dll/.so (blocks some cheaters but nothing much)
*Stops the client from being able to view other players guids
*Fixed WS Exploit used to crash the server
*Fixed Team Exploit used to crash the server
*Fixed Typo Exploit used to reveal rcon password
*Displays real ping inside the tab-menu (does not display this in the serverinfo)
*Removed the recoil difference between 76fps and 125fps
*Reduced bullet drop to prevent missing hits due to network response time
*Reduced hitbox lag for better response time
*Fixed latest REF exploit for etpro using /n
*Blocked oversized userinfo exploit
*Fixed the forward slash exploit
*Blocked ET clients that don't send IP address
*Disabled the use of users with invisible names / characters
*Guids now display and are sent to the server without the use of punkbuster

/IP - Displays your current IP Address
/GUID - Displays your current guid

- Add /stats command to display HS ACC, BS ACC, Kills, Skill level, Revies, recorded by the server
- Display name and past alias without punkbuster
- Block callvote exploit
- Fix script crash on supply and other maps
- Block name changer abuse used by hooks
- Reduce loading time of the server code
- Add IRC chat and intergrate it with the server
- Display more stats at the end of round
- Create a working ban system that is reliable


Does anyone even have a contact for bani?
He's on IRC
He won't update etpro..
That's not what he asked, and it's not what I answered. What's your point?
Doesn't matter, bani cant decide to release it by himself, there were several other guys involved, no idea why people think its only up to him.
hello snowstorm welcome back
I think you are trustworthy, so I have faith in you to save ET
can u disable ET client check when playing demos?
can u explain atleast little how can u modify etpro with syscall?
You can't disable this from the server. This is sadly a client side problem.
ok, ill just wait for that custom lua client
here we go again
Nobody is going to play your non-sense because this game is 87 years old and you think it is a now a good time to remove recoil and reduce bullet drop???
*Checks Client Is Using 2.60b (Should block the lua client exploit - waiting on its release)

Can guarantee you will never block this client fully and will always have a work around ETpro and other mods.

Also 90% of this can be and was fixed by lua without causing any problems to the server or played. WP
Can and will block it.
let me know how many people use this "useful" qagame hook. lel.
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