Mein'n Benz, mein Herz, kein Scherz, mein Schwanz ist steif
someone from australia voted too :D
clicked yes as I'd like to rekt them here
voted no because bdmatt and tomun would rek them on any server without a doubt.
zie ik je morgen op pleinvrees?
Ben er wel morgen, alleen bij Verknipt pik. Zaterdag ook nog Awake overdag. Ga een weekendje met mn vriendin haha
voted no cuz ipod will fail his panzers anyway
voted yes give them a shot at there own server!
Ok you can play top
Voted no to annoy ipod xo
Glad that's out of the world
voted no because they are hamburgers
You guys wouldn't take a map.
I mean just think about it for a second. We've been playing on EU servers for what, like 10 years? Always bringing it to your turf. Seriously tho, has a EU team ever decided to play on a NA server just to say hey this might be a little more fair XD. Probably not.
Me and hazz did
hazz: f1
revipod: Haha you were the first euro to actually man up and that's why NA has your respect hazz
in your case it doesn't matter if playing on eu or na server tbh
Settle down Harry Potter
But Merlinator said it is advantage to play with high ping!
it is if you get used to it
the idea itself is fine and asking is for free. the thing is that habits are strong in human behaviour plus this cup is hosted by people from the EU mainly for the EU. so if there's a NA team willing to participate i think they simply have to accept the fact. i dont think that EU teams would ask for playing on their servers if it's a NA cup.

ps: werent there some NA cups with EU participants in the past?
Everything you said is true. You're completely right as Euros have never asked to play on a NA server during NA tournaments. However, I think over the past 10 years, the euros have held maybe 100x more tournaments than NA ever did so we can't really compare the two. Yes, as I can recall there was a cup to raise money for cancer research in which the euros played on NA servers.
Overall, it was just a suggestion and if people don't want the fair grounds then it's all good, we'll just bring it across the Atlantic once more.
Cant be arsed , but always welcome to the lan fair pings for everybody
If I was playing actively, I'd probably go for a shot on NA servers, cause shittest aim ever + high ping/lag=might get some decent aiming...

...but in the end, that formular doesn't work out for ipod, so probably not
fyi i voted yes because my brotha from another black motha iNsane_ voted yes
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