Streaming and ET

Apparently people _might_ have issues streaming ET with Nvidia drivers.

There is an issue that once you go live or record with OBS your FPS drops to 10-20.
I have pinpointed this shitty issue to Nvidia drivers. For example the most recent Nvidia driver version w/e is giving this issue.

I am currently using driver version 382.05 and there is no FPS issue(credit to Polands1lent).
Any of you ET streamers with Nvidia have this same issue and have more recent driver version to share where the issue is not happening?

This issue could be related to id tech 3 engine so if someone has more information somewhere would be nice.
The bad fps issue is only happening with ET and not other games. dont have any other q3 games to test

nope good here
Driver version?
Had the same problem, stopped streaming, worked fine!
Swani for teh rescue!
buy new pc
hmm, looks like for me it is working good at the most recent version
I tried the driver version when CODww2 beta was released. If they have released new version after that I have not tried that one
last one was released at 9th of October
no one watches et on twitch..
Do you think before you speak?
no one watches et on twitch..
Yeah. no one watches et. Thanks for the correction :)
try runing et on high prio and mutli cores :P might help
hvaent got a clue about any updates since i was too busy fucking bitches and drinking orange juice
ET can only utilize one core
Few months ago I had the problem that once I went to fullscreen nvidia/obs forced my monitor HZ to be at 60hz (worked completely fine with CSGO etc) and OBS Studio forced my FPS ingame to be at 60fps :) stopped playing
workaround is to never vid_restart or alt+tab. then use something like lightnings minimizor and select change desktop resolution to ingame one if you are using a different one in ET
387.92 - 1080ti, no problem, and just to be sure i tested a 1070/1080, both Strix Advanced and still no problem nor FPS lag.
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