new mouse to replace deathadders

sup CROSSIES, whats the best mouse like nowadays and got a similar shape / size as deathadder 3.5g?

Bought razer deathadder elite, but its different in size and does not fit to my hand at all :( and its not about getting used to it =O tried new skates for the old mouse, but didnt do anymore the job :)
steelseries sensei or rival
zowie is kinda good also
I replaced mine with Zowie EC2-A
which razer you had? is it same size?
Same like yours, a little smaller but fine for me. You can also get the bigger Zowie EC1-A more the same size.
once you went razerdeathadder there is no replacement :(
MUST BE, since the new editions are larger sized. like wtf, why?
Glad I still got my 2k13 version. Heard Logitec G500 is similar but cant tell since I never used anything else than Deathadder
yeah, 2k13 is same as 3.5g i suppose. and btw: its not a big difference with the size, but its still noticeable and seriously it bothers me a lot, super annoying to buy a 89e mouse which you thought would be similar to your old one :D
woah I still got DA 2006 version somewhere and still working :D
My mousewheel is broken at the 2006 version :-(
Try to find one on aliexpress. Got mine from there ;)
Are they really larger than the old DA versions? I still feel the DA Elite is too small for my hand
yes :< i can tell the difference after 6 years of use with the same da 3.5g
Damn, I got the DA Elite because it was supposed to be like really big, was surprised that it's still small when I opened it
Zowie EC - 1 has same dimensions as ur deathadder, it's not really bling bling mouse or anything. Just simple and efficient.

Before I use zowie, I bought one logitech every 6 months (3 logitech g500 cable destroyed itself) then steelseries (ikari double click problem, then sensei pure horse shit sensor) that lasted 4 months each. Basically, every fucking mouse are made so that u don't keep it for a long time.
In the past, a good G5 could last for years, same for old deathadder model. It's really hard to find anything decent with high durability nowadays.
Zowie is the best compromise I've found so far between, price, performances and durability.

tl;dr: zowie
hurrhurr, pretty basic that mx510 and mx518 were broken also after 6 months of use

about durability, my razer 3.5g been alive for 6 years, still is but skates and the bottom of it been destroyed, as told already new skates didnt do the job..

so, the difference between zowie ec 1 / 2? steelseries mouses are out, tried one on my hand and it seriously sucks and the feels weird
thats the only difference? :D well i guess the sensors dont really matter, everyone is kinda good i suppose
Yeah thats the only difference. If you don't go for zowie the only thing I would advise is that u take optical sensor mouse.
rival 310
step 1: skip all tips above
step 2: take a look at mice with sensors: pmw3366 (logitech exclusive version of pmw3360), truemove 3 (steelseries exclusive v. of pmw3360), pmw3361 (roccat exclusive v. of pmw3360), pmw3360, pmw3389 (razer exclusive v. of pmw3360), pmw3330, mercury (logitech exclusive from g102/g203 mice), practically all these sensors perform really similar (at least on lower dpi steps) and can be considered as flawless.
list of mice with these sensors:
For comparision pmw3310 sensor from all newer zowie (2014+) mice got about 2% positive accel and relatively high smoothing (kind of processing that increases input lag and overall translates movement speed and sub-positions improperly). Zowie mice are outdated and highly overpriced atm (some mice with that sensor going under 30$ which is less than half of zowie price), they were a good choice over 2 years ago.
List of mice i'd recommend to take a look at first: logitech g403, logitech g pro, logitech g102 or 203, ss rival 310, ss sensei 310, roccat kone pure olw-eye, cm storm mm530, cm storm mastermouse s, nixeus revel, dreammachines dm1 pro S, tt esports ventus x optical (ventus x and mm530 are pretty similar in overall shape to DA)
opinions and othershits:
If you consider any newer deathadders, DA elite requires software on to use any other settings than default (refresh rate/dpi etc). The biggest pain about it is that, software needs a registering and constant internet access. In case of older ones like DA chroma and 2013, software negatively affects sensor performance, removing drivers after setting mouse up at least saves dpi/refresh rate.
btw shape differences between deathadders are unnoticeable (if they even exist, different values may come from different measurement methods).
if you did read the journal, you would have noticed that I've the new razer da elite which actually caused the whole journal. And the about the size difference, is it noticeable, can tell after 6 years of use razer da 3.5g and this time the difference caused a bad effect :>

thanks, though i can say for sure im not going for a random mouse and logitechs, steelseries and roccat mouses are pretty much out of the question already. tried rivals and senseis on hand, did not like. logitech been downfalling ever since mx51x mouses, and those didnt even last that long and then again, I dont even really like the brand anymore =[

seems like zowie is the best option for me
dont really know how did i miss that part about Da elite :S
Quote logitech been downfalling ever since mx51x mouses

yet it didnt downfallen close to the razer level. Also coolermaster aint a random brand i guess, so i dont get it why did you skip the mm530.
ec1-a will probably feel bigger than DA elite too.
e: there are new zowie EC mice released just today:
You can order both ec1 and ec2 (ec2 is smaller version) and return one later, especially cause ec1 is usually considered as bigger or bulkier than DA, EC2 is slightly smaller than all these newer DAs you consider as too big so might actually fit your needs.
thanks, i'll consider. considering on staying with this new mouse also, cause 89e spent money =[
You can also refresh your old DA with vinyl tape, also what are your new mouse feets you complained about. Bestones are hyperglide and corepad, hotline games and tiger gaming are usually considered as fine too.
still a big nerd i see
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