ET is the best game ever


That and reflex arena.
Is there finally active player base in reflex or did that die already?
Dunno, havent played a game in a few months. It seemed pretty dead after the dogshit quake champions came out.

But after soon 15 years, I think we are aware of it already :p

This is what i call unhit :D
Try CSGO, evan worse
"It's not a bug, it's a feature" - Every coder ever.
csgo is probably the worst game ever made :D
This reminds me of aiming by swanidius series so much
United Kingdom Artstar: you hit as you aim
United States of Americajonjon: no such a thing as hitreg
The tree blocked your bullets, common bug in ET
Before everyone wets their panties about finally getting some decent evidence that ET hitboxes are sometimes really unfair, and that there's something called "hitreg" that has some huge impact on individuals' performance (too late for BOBiKA it seems), let's stop to consider this for a moment.

ET trees are models that can be walked and shot through, and aren't usually clipped to perfection. In fact, there's usually just a simple rectangular block that the visible tree is encased in. With that in mind, let's do an experiment:

This is also the reason one of my favourite spots to stand at and troll people exists on goldrush: image: 9KwlNix

I would argue this is not a bug with the game, but rather just the fault of a lazy mapper - in this case whoever made railgun.

I'm sick and tired of people claiming that the game is unfair when something doesn't go their way...
Nice post :)

edit: would've thought someone would've patched this shit 15 years ago.
who exactly?
etpro finished when bani retired in 2005 or 2006?
devs never cared about et
There are other mods, some of which are still being developed. The source code of the entire game was released 7 years ago. The source files for the stock maps were also released quite early.

You make it seem like bani and the original developers were the only ones who could've done something.
the video is probably recorded from an etpro match, the source code of etpro was never released by bani (afaik) i dont exactly know how it works
Im pretty sure this can be fixed with a map script.
The map would have to be compiled again. You can't do it with just a map script.
also considered replying that tree hitbox is bigger than it seems but was too lazy. thanks for that hazz
Pfft, kinda booring to post one video to proof about "you hit as you aim"

Could make 1000s of avis how _unfair_ this whole game is with the lack of hitboxes, or lets say the lack of internet connections. Because, hitboxes are ok, just the fact that the hitboxes aint where they should be ;) never have met such retardness in overwatch / csgo even with tickrate 60. And it got even worse when the game died when there were much of servers anymore, only server I could play half decently was exitiums, rest were soo bad.
This video isn't supposed to prove that you hit as you aim. It's supposed to explain this one particular case of not hitting when it looks like you should be hitting.

If you alone could make thousands of videos showing how unfair this game is, I wonder why nobody has ever made even one that holds any water. That's what I wanted to point out by saying there's finally some (turns out not so) decent evidence to support that claim.
Because everybody knows it, its kinda useless and what would it help? And still, the video proves how poorly these maps are made then. Nothing to defend about.
I'm not a part of "everybody" it seems. Usually, it's not enough for me that almost everyone else believes in something for me to share the belief. You avoid eating a lot of dung that way.

And my point is exactly that it's because of the map, not the game.
I thought you were smarter than this.
damn straight
can me help some one with config?didnt played this game nahuj 10years
4live Russia
welcome to Australia
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