ET problem

Never faced the problem on ET, but now I can't even start it lags like hell. " r_primitives 2 " doesn't work on this one.
change your computer case
It was fine was playing for like 4 straight years, now reinstalled windows to 10 and this happened.
... Not your software, your computer case!
r_primitives 0
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Need more details to help.

What do you mean by not being able to start? What resolution are you using in-game? Have you tried with and without fullscreen? Any error messages? Logfile? Have you tried running ET as admin? Have you tried some compatiblity settings? What config files are you using? How did you install ET? Are you having problems with other games? Other games that use id Tech 3?
Well the resolution is 1280x1080. Didn't try without the fullscreen because I can't even open the system with the fps counter going 1-0. I always run ET as admin.Installing it on ET ultimate installer. Other games are running fine without any error. Might try the compability mode.
I had that issue days ago. It is caused by combination of some settings. Try another .cfg. It will fix the problem and then you can move your old seetings piece by piece till you find which ones are triggering the problem.
Nothing helped to fix the issue =(
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