Flat earth is proven!

This amuses me

Like i don't even what? XD
All hail Super Sheep for showing us the truth after all this time. I shall pray to Super Sheep every evening, asking him(her?) to bring me and my family gifts and to have mercy on us for thinking so long that the Earth is not flat. May Super Sheep have mercy on us all, unless we go to war against someone, because they disagree with Super Sheep. Then let our enemies be smitten down by bolts of wool! Super Sheepiasnism is a peaceful religion.

P.S. You know why a farmer fucks his sheep at the edge of a cliff when he could do it anywhere else too? It's so the sheep pushes back.
It's true. I live in Australia and I've never fallen off the Earth.

For those who still believe in a ridiculous spherical earth theory, mind that pizza was designed to look like an earth.
And guess what?
pizza is flat!
You've obviously never looked at pizza from outer space.

image: 60a53aa552
Best comment in this journal XD
that sound he makes with his toungue \ mouth. break his face please
I probably had the same problem as the humans inside those upside-down planes. I didn't notice anything.

But now that you pointed it out, I'm an Irishman with a steering wheel where my penis should be.
Are you related to the guy in the video?
it's him.
I don't know.
Just wasted 1 and a half hour watching his clips. Fucking idiot, but his voice is so hypnotic I can't turn it off....
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