Back to ET in 2k17, while we are in 3k98 already.

Hi nerds!

Need link to ET for Windows 10 x64 scratch that found it.

Anyone got my config lying around? Would appreciate it!! <3
Hello person I've never met before.

Fuck off. :{D
Fuck you too <3
Do not start this game and tarnish the legacy of exitium, no old guys from the crew playing anymore except phyzic apparently. Are you back in Europe?
welcome back sir! pds <3
I'm the scatman now!
guess it's just another bait :-(
Nope<3 ccsoon
I'm still waiting for the updated etpro cfg
Yeah I'll release it as a christmas present, don't worry.
Parent playa
FIX ETPRO so i can play this game agian
pds!!!! not miraya! haha
sup shkarm8
ahhh I was talking to him on public yesterday and I couldn't figure out his name then noticed it was pds now after you saying shkar it's all coming back haha
<3!! SUP M8?
guess who's back :)
Don't do it, Play League of Legends.
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