Bit of a different Journal

My best mates younger brother has a rare degenerative condition that causes nervous system damage and movement problems. It's called Friedreich’s Ataxia. He has no life compared to a normal person. He holds onto stuff to move and needs support just to get the smallest distance. He has a daughter which he had as a single father full custody and he's had to let her stay with the mother now he can't properly look after her and sees her when he can. He's hoping to go for treatment in china which may only last so long but at least he'll get a better life to give his daughter a good life so can anyone give anything even smallest amount helps.
I'm really sorry to know that. I already shared the link in facebook and i'll try to donate some money aswell. An advice that i give is, take a vegan diet, it's already proved it helps in a lot of diseases and there is nothing to lose. If you wanna know more about it please let me know i have many documentaries that i can provide or just more info.
Wish the best luck and improvements bud
I'll say to him but I can't see he going for that it's horrible seeing how badly it's affected him so far. Just moving like 10feet takes him ages even with support of someone else.
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