Decent public server


Trying to find another decent public other than [!!!]Hirntot, 6 Map to play.
Don't really like the map rotation on Hirntot. Are there any active servers running abit more standard maps ( supply / frost / adler / gold / radar etc )

Thanks for your reply's =)
Klientpro after 3 pm mostly active and with a better mappool and admins then other servers. Hirntot 10 map is good aswell but isn't that active
Making a LAN comeback I see. Good that u start practicing much earlier than last time!
best public online is the one from snatix but no one is using it somehow
Not sure if this helps:

Can host one for you on a server in NL or FR. But that requires:
name "EDiT-lio sponsored by beAsty"
gL @ lan
play csgo myboi
People start coming to Hirnlos...good server

pretty hard to populate a "new" empty server. seems not enough ppl are around to play that game anymore.
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