WinterCup - missing matches

I'd like to announce there are a number of not played matches:

[0:0] LoD vs PoKeMaNs
[0:0] iOWNAGE vs SSTAT
[0:0] SSTAT vs Arabs
[0:0] FML# vs Happy Tree Friends
[0:0] Arabs vs iOWNAGE
[0:0] We can only spray vs SSTAT
[0:0] Happy Tree Friends vs P*SSYBASHERS
[0:0] Dank Memes Gang vs LoD

Guys, please manage it and play until 14.01.
After 14.01 matches will be marked as 0:0 and playoffs will start.

Thx for all Teams for groupstage matches!

Team klientpro

Nice journal!
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