dirty bomb on ESL

the year is 2030 and it's the year for dirty bomb, outclassing all FPS games in the e-sport scene, all ET players started playing db too, and rolling most comp matches.

Alright, forgetting that quick dream. here's a post on dirty bomb trying to get the attention of ESL (https://forum.eslgaming.com/discussion/51075/dirty-bomb-esl#latest), of course for the game to actually get on the lineup, you would need the support of the devs. The game releases in march-june period, so i tought this would be a good timeframe, to remind the devs about this. Feel free to leave a comment on that post.

Legend says that if you are good at ET, you will get an auto 50%+ skill boost in db
think it tells enough when its 2018 and still on beta. i have no idea how the hell they managed to fuck up the game so entirely to this point. the game even looks so ugly, not that i care but definetly doesnt look like 2010 released game :D
Engine: Unreal Engine
Publishers: Nexon, WarChest
Soo... micro transactions and a shit engine i guess?
the game could have been succesful without their need to focus on making more mercs which caused a lot of unbalance on the game itself. just had their focus been on making the game ready and think twice of the alt mercs before making & releasing them, well just maybe db could have made it.
These mercs were planned to be released since 2010, they were all in the alpha.
well, still one of the biggest failure they made was all the hassle with the mercs. even now they focus on making mercs more than getting the game out of beta.
They cut ties with Nexon a year ago - SD are publishing their own game.
no more nexon
played alpha, wp

db wont stand a chance against the current competitors. my friends asked me to play db, but for me it is like switching from a dead game to another. no thanks
overwatch kinda offers it all, but sadly there wont be enough roles for dpssing =|
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