JayMod chill

If you guys like to chill on jaymod from time to time, you can either go to F|A or TWC, basically. I have an alternative to propose you, a JayMod 2.2.0 server with a gameplay closer to ETPro, but with just the right amount of jaymod features to keep it more fun and casual. The idea was to basically reduce the heavy weapon, arty, and nade spam, and to have spawntimes closer to the competitive ones so that players would actually play the objective, which is more thrilling.

IP is : /connect jaymod.hype-clan.xyz (the domain was cheap don't judge)

Here are the features :

- No OP mines that insta gibs you
- No double jump, so regular mines still can inflict damage
- Six mines/team, so maps like oasis stay playable
- Nextmap voting system (you can !vote your favourite map at the end of the current one)
- GeoIP country flags (so you can easily ad hominem people based on their nationality)
- Lots of custom commands, mostly retarded ones, like !owned, !porn, and shit
- Slower medic and soldier recharge time, so 5 stars panzers can't shoot two panzer rockets in a row, which is frustrating to play against to say the least
- Vulnerable panzer rockets, so you can destroy panzer rockets mid-air with your SMG if your reflexes are good enough
- Axis engineers spawn with 4 nades instead of 8, and rifles spawn with 4 rifle nades, so less spam
- 20 respawntime for axis and 15 for allies, so obj is more playable
- Only one poison needle per player, so you can troll, but not too much :D
- No freaking molotov and no adrenaline
- Server located in UK with a respectable ping
- Ability for everyone, not only admins, to !kickbots, or !addbots

PS : We also have an ETPro server that is actually pretty decently configured, eventhough I doubt it is of any interest to you :D The IP adress of that beauty = "etpro.hype-clan.xyz:27955" -> ET needs SRV record support
PS2 : We got a Discord too
Looks great
yes very true indeed
yo sadface m8
Yo dAmon mate come visit my serv you biatch
i like the domain
Will try. Shooting panz mid air I've never heard of but like the idea!
g_vulnerableWeapons sets bitflags to enable missile-type weapons vulnerability. When enabled,
the projectile (or equivalent) to become vulnerable to bullet fire or splash damage.
do you also have shotguns?
Sure, unlike molotov, shotgun is actually a balanced weapon, so I kept it
So any chicks wanna...
Jaymod and chill?
no netflix? :(
Good luck with that pickup line :D it might work tho, during an ET LAN event, maybe ... If it happens again some day :(
Please let's not give ipod any more stupid ideas
Hey guys, we just got a brand new dedicated for our jaymod and etpro server.
Come paly with us at jaymod.hype-clan.xyz :)
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