ET on MAC with etpro up and running

Has anyone been succesful in establishing ET on Macintosh? The legacy mod would probably suit my needs however I would love to play ET with all the etpro additions. I loved the game when I played it almost 10 years ago.

I tried playing CS however the gameplay sucks and I feel like ET is better.

I tried installing without success. Threw up and error which I failed to resolve via google.

What would I have to do in order to make it work step-by-step ?

Seems like there are active servers at least. That's great! Would be lovely to play 3on3 or 6on6 some day aswell.

Kind regards,
here i am. mac user since years. i was inactive for i dunno 7 years cus i couldnt find a solution
u can play every mod except etpro with playonmac whats stable
last week i tried 2nd partition on mac with bootcamp. installed windows. installed et, i lagged out at start screen. there seems just no solution. i got an old laptop from a friend to play etpro

sorry that i dont have better news
This kinda sucks since CS is super boring.

Is COD even close to ET?
mac is so 2031
best for my music tbh
old kids play ET - cool kids play DB
but DB is just boring :s
And we're too old to be cool.
me too actually :(
yeah, it needs goldendunk and baserace maps.
I don't even know what goldendunk is, but I'm pretty sure that those maps aren't what it needs :D
Goldendunk is basketball in ET, where the players are the balls! :D
Whtat is DB?

Where is Tosspot and all the competition? :DD
i had windows on bootcamp on my mac, worked perfectly fine for me.
windows is working for me too. just not et :D
Haha yea i meant to say that E.T worked for me aswell. I have a macbook pro late 2011 i7..dunno bout yours? If its newer i have no clue
i got mac mini and a macbook pro 2013
its fascinating. isn't it

I don't know if this works or not. I do not have a mac so i cannot test it.
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