gonig to da culb

it's been a long time since I wrote anything fun here. journals nowadays are fucking depressing. only some high profile software, hardware topics jeez.

so after a long and hard working week it's finally time to relax and get wasted with mah homies. got a couple of friends coming to my town, also my cousin from switzerland and two of my work buddies. we made a deal with our better halves to let us have a guys-drinking-till-you-can't-stand night out ( example, for me it was a tough negotiation. I got what I wanted, but at an almost horrible price).

regarding all that we agreed we're gonna make this night a night to remember. we booked a table at the most popular club in the town called Club Q. it's serbian turbo folk music (fuck yeah), but packed with the hottest chicks this 100k population town has to offer.

biggest problem was to agree what we're drinking. drinks proposed: jager, stock, jack daniel's and absolute vodka. good ol' jackie won almost unanimously (my fucking bro voted jager. bitch). so we agreed three bottles of jackie should be enough, but everybody is carrying their debit cards for possible urgent situations.

anyways, they're all still getting ready, I started a little warm up at my flat with some white wine to get a working temperature. now just waiting for them to call me, get a taxi and go baby go.

P. S. maan those damn hangovers at 27 are tough as fuck, but the force is still strong in me.

Who's going clubbing from crossfire? post here

here's a pic of me and my buddies
image: 255jsxk

Croatian made bitch Lidija Bačić
image: 127937

Have fun !
best drink is skinny bitch. i like to order it just cus of the name.
Imagine a dodgy-looking guy walking up to a bartender and saying "Good evening, love. I would like to have a skinny bitch."
croat girls are so pretty
yup, proud to be croat
How many chicks did end up in your bed?
they certainly tried, but I stood my ground
lol alcohol
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